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Strategic Partnership Grants

Buncombe County invests in a thriving and sustainable community through annual Strategic Partnership Grants.

The application deadline for FY2020 grants has passed. Applications for the funding year beginning July 1, 2019 were due by February 8, 2019.

Strategic Priorities

Buncombe County Commissioners are dedicated to strengthening the quality of life for everyone by setting new fiscally, socially and environmentally responsible goals that will guide decisions and improve our community for future generations.

The Board has committed to the following strategic priorities as a guide to shape partnerships and investments of resources to ensure a healthy, safe, well‐educated, thriving and sustainable community.

  • Affordable Housing: Ensure comprehensive opportunities for affordable and safe housing as a foundation for healthy and thriving families and neighborhoods.
  • Clean & Renewable Energy: Implement the best fiscally and environmentally responsible energy solutions to reach the goal of 100 percent renewable energy sources for Buncombe County’s operations by 2027 and for Buncombe County within 25 years while helping to educate, equip and move our community toward practical renewable energy solutions.
  • Early Childhood Education: Ensure that every child in Buncombe County has an equal opportunity to thrive during their first 2,000 days including access to quality early childhood education.
  • Diverse Community Workforce: Cultivate a robust, inclusive local economy with a diverse workforce and pipelines to jobs and education for all.
  • Justice Resource Support: Coordinate a justice system that is efficient, effective, equitable and protects our public safety while holistically addressing the needs of people involved in the system.
  • Opioid Awareness: Stem the disease of opioid addiction, a crisis that threatens the health and safety of growing numbers of people in our community.



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Strategic Partnership Grants


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