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Community Recreation Grants

Provides funding to promote fitness, health and wellness initiatives, activities and improvements.

The purpose of the Buncombe County Recreation Services Grants Program is to provide funding to qualified organizations within Buncombe County interested in partnering with our Department to carry out our mission through the promotion of recreational fitness, health and wellness initiatives as well as community based activities and capital improvements that increase recreational opportunities for the communities served.

Deadline to Apply:
2023 grant applications will be available from February 7th to April 8th at 5:00 PM for projects taking place July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023


Community Recreation Grants Announced

2022 Grant Awards

Buncombe County Recreation Services 2022 Community Recreation Grants recipients include nineteen local nonprofits that will split nearly $100,000 for projects that build momentum for long-term change in the community.

“COVID-19 has changed the way we think about parks and recreation,” says Peyton O’Conner, Director of Buncombe County Recreation Services. “Strengthening relationships with these and other community partners allows us to more fully deliver on Buncombe County’s promise that everyone from infants to retirees has safe, equitable access to high-quality parks and recreational experiences – and the mental, physical, economic, and cultural benefits that come with that access.”

says Peyton O’Conner Director of Buncombe County Recreation Services

This diverse group of projects represent a dedication to improving the health and resiliency of residents through inclusive access to recreational, fitness, and wellness activities offered to the public for free or at low cost. For most projects, additional funding sources have been secured to cover the total amount.

  • Asheville Black Bears
    • $5,957 to revitalize Charles D. Owen Park softball and tee-ball fields in Swannanoa
  • Asheville Buncombe Youth Soccer Association
    • $6,000 to expand access to soccer goals in underserved areas of the county
  • Asheville GreenWorks
    • $6,000 to build a new greenhouse and expand Sand Hill Community Orchard at Buncombe County Sports Park in Enka-Candler
  • Asheville Tennis Association
    • $6,000 to provide equipment used for tennis education programs serving BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) community members, people with disabilities, and youth from low-income households at locations throughout the county
  • Bent Creek Community Park
    • $3,872 to expand trailhead connections to the Blue Ridge Parkway and Bent Creek Experimental Forest and build a multi-generational cycling service station near the pump track at the park in Bent Creek
  • Bountiful Cities
    • $3,680 to expand composting operations at community gardens throughout the county
  • Colaborativa La Milpa
    • $5,997 to enhance and expand Los Arroyos (The Streams), an outdoor recreational and cultural space in Emma
  • Friends of Hominy Creek Greenway
    • $6,000 for repairs to Hominy Creek Greenway in West Asheville
  • Friends and Neighbors of Swannanoa
    • $4,280 for equipment to host outdoor multi-media events including the Cinema on the Square and Groovin' on Grovemont series in Swannanoa
  • Hall Fletcher Elementary School PTO
    • $6,000 for a new shade structure at the school's public playground and outdoor basketball court in West Asheville
  • Irene Wortham Center
    • $4,464 to construct a wheelchair-accessible path for community members with disabilities to the fitness and wellness therapy building at its care center in Shiloh
  • LEAF Global Arts
    • $6,000 for supplies and equipment to offer expanded LEAF Schools & Streets youth-focused global arts and cultural preservation programs in community centers and after-school programs throughout Asheville
  • Open Doors of Asheville
    • $5,900 for supplies and equipment used in enrichment and education programs to eliminate race-based opportunity and achievement gaps for local students
  • Ox Creek Community Club
    • $2,022 to replace outdoor picnic tables at the community center in Weaverville
  • Sandy Mush Community Center
    • $6,000 for playground safety enhancements, picnic tables, pickleball equipment, and indoor recreation equipment at the community center in Sandy Mush
  • Shiloh Community Association
    • $6,000 to create a legacy mural honoring Asheville's oldest African American community and repair masonry work in the outdoor amphitheater and culinary classroom at Shiloh Community Garden and Pavilion
  • Spring Mountain Community Club
    • $4,500 to install a drainage system for the walking path at the community center in Fairview
  • Swannanoa Community Council
    • $6,000 to install a rubberized pathway within Grovemont Park in Swannanoa
  • Western North Carolina Disc Golf Association
    • $6,000 for tee pad repair and erosion control at the Richmond Hill Park disc golf course
  • Total Funding: $99,909

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I. Purpose

The mission of Buncombe County Recreation Services is to improve the quality of life within our community by providing high quality recreational facilities, opportunities for social interaction, and programming which encourages health and wellness through active lifestyles. The purpose of the Buncombe County Recreation Services Grants Program is to provide funding to qualified organizations within Buncombe County interested in partnering with our Department to carry out our mission through the promotion of recreational fitness, health and wellness initiatives as well as community based activities and capital improvements that increase recreational opportunities for the communities served.

II. Eligibility Requirements

In order to be eligible to receive a Community Recreation Grant, the grantee MUST

  1. Be a nonprofit organization that serves the general public with a mission that reflects that of the Buncombe County Recreation Services as stated in the Purpose statement above and the Buncombe County Strategic Plan
  2. Operate in Buncombe County serving primarily Buncombe residents
  3. The organization, including the facility where the organization gathers, must be open to all members of the general public. Information regarding how the facility can be reserved for public use must be clearly posted and proof must be provided in the application

III. Preferred Applications

Applications which meet one or more of the following criteria will receive preferential status over other applications: Preferred applications will

  • Foster an atmosphere of inclusivity by extending recreation opportunities to minority or disadvantaged populations
  • Promote goals highlighted within the Buncombe County Sustainability Plan
  • Foster collaboration between area non-profits in a manner that maximizes effectiveness, increases reach, and reduces duplicative efforts
  • Promote novel or innovative recreational experiences which may aid the department in achieving its mission with a wider audience
  • Connect to existing local government efforts through providing a leveraging effect or through synergies created between multiple County departments or between jurisdictions

IV. Application Requirements

  1. In order to achieve eligibility for consideration, the application must clearly explain and appropriately quantify how the project will:
    • Create or expand recreational opportunities available to County residents
    • Add value to existing recreational or educational programs which are reflective of the department’s mission
    • Focus on community recreational experiences rather than the operational needs of the organization requesting funding
  2. All required information must be submitted on the Community Recreation Grant application form. If an application is not submitted on the appropriate application form, the Department reserves the right to deny review of that application.
  3. Signed applications must be received no later than Friday, April 9, 2021 by 5:00 pm. You may submit your application at Applications received after this date/time will be rejected.
  4. Applicants are required to attach proof of their active non-profit status as recorded with the North Carolina Department of the Secretary of State with their application.
  5. Applicants are required to attach their non-profit organization’s current year annual operating budget as approved by your Board.
  6. Please include a project budget which includes a breakdown of the funding requested from Buncombe County Recreation Services and include quotes/estimates for the project. (Sample Budget Form attached to Application)
  7. Accurate and timely quotes must be provided for all materials and services listed in the grant application’s budget. All quotes must be provided directly from the vendor and submitted to Buncombe County Recreation Services with the completed application. Organizations must purchase goods/services from the vendors provided in the quotes submitted. If the organization wishes to change vendors, a request must be submitted in writing and approved by staff.
  8. Grant funds cannot be used to support food and entertainment costs, travel expenses, general office supplies, and/or salaries for any individual or sub-contractor, except for labor costs directly related to an approved capital improvement project.

V. Implementation of Grant Proposal

The grant recipient must agree to follow the subsequent guidelines in order to receive awarded funds in full.

  1. Announcements of funding approval will be sent out within one (1) week of the initial decision. Once notifications of funds have been issued, all funded organizations must sign and return the Fund Agreement form. No work can be done on a grant project prior to the fund agreement being signed.
  2. Staff will select organizations for an on-site visit after the completion of the project.
  3. Grant funds must be used within the fiscal year they are allocated (for this funding cycle: July 1 through June 30, 2022). If the funds are not used, and a project is not carried out in full, the department reserves the right to refuse funding in subsequent years while also requiring the return of unused funds.
  4. All verifications of expenditures must be submitted by June 30, 2022. Only valid receipts on a vendor or retail company’s letterhead, printout or cash register receipt reflecting the company’s name will be accepted. The organization must complete the funded activity project prior to June 30, 2022.
  5. Buncombe County Recreation Services must be recognized as the granting organization in all documents, publications, and publicity (press releases, media, web pages including social media tools, verbal presentations, etc.) concerning the funded project.

Disbursement of Grants

  1. The maximum amount that will be considered for appropriation is $6,000.00. Please itemize and prioritize your submitted project budgets as funds are limited and we anticipate that many of the community’s non-profits will compete for consideration.
  2. The following criteria will be considered.
    • The source of income of the organization
      What areas of support does the organization have available to them for funding opportunities?
    • The population served
      How many residents of Buncombe County will be directly served by the request and is the applying organization open to the general public without discrimination?
  3. Upon approval of grant funds, payment to the non-profit will be in the form of a check or electronic funds transfer, which will be written to or electronically transferred to the name of the requesting non-profit organization (checks will not be written to or funds transferred electronically to an individual representing the organization), and all necessary forms and documents required by Buncombe County Recreation Services must be signed by an approved officer of the non-profit organization.
  4. The organization receiving funds is responsible for adherence with all applicable government requirements and regulations including obtaining any and all appropriate permits. If your project includes improvements to any county owned property, Buncombe County Recreation Services Manager and the Buncombe County General Services Director must review and approve your plan before funds are released. If the project includes property which is not under the direct control or oversight of the organization applying for funds, proof of knowledge and consent on the part of the property owner must be presented with the application.
  5. No changes can be made to the project description and project budget without the prior approval of the staff.

Buncombe County reserves the right to modify funding based on previous applicants performance to ensure the effectiveness of the Community Recreation Grant Program administration. We also reserve the right to cancel this program at any time prior to funding the grant. Buncombe County does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, age, religion, handicap, disability or national origin.

Grantees MUST comply with all mentioned deadlines or awarded funds will be forfeited

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