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Buncombe Government

Nestled in between the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains lies a serene treasure that is Buncombe County. We have been here for more than 200 years and are named after Col. Edward Buncombe, a Revolutionary War hero.

Over the years, we have transformed ourselves from a rural farming area to a burgeoning metropolis with cities frequently listed as "Top Ten" places to live.

We are home to numerous parks, lakes, streams, and other outdoor attractions as well as neighborhoods and communities rich with culture.

Your stay will be memorable, your life enriched with memories to last a lifetime.

Buncombe County Government is Your Government

Local government is the closest government to the people. It is made up of neighbors who are here to help neighbors by bringing the highest quality of life to the community.

Buncombe County has an average of 1,400 employees who serve as sheriff deputies, nurses, social workers and caseworkers, physicians, librarians, recreation services staff, emergency medical workers, building and construction inspectors, environmental health inspectors, solid waste staff, agriculture extension agents, soil and water conservationists, air quality staff, planners, tax assessors and administrators and vital support and infrastructure staff all working to ensure the high quality of life we have all come to enjoy.