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Tipping Point Grants

Partnering with Communities for Better Outcomes.

What are Tipping Point Grants?

These are small grants aimed at catalyzing existing efforts in our community by strengthening current programs or facilitating creation of new projects to supplement your existing mission. Tipping Point Grants will be awarded for $5,000 per project.

The intention of the program is to not only provide a financial infusion, but bolster existing community connections and communication platforms. This happens as the County increases nonprofit visibility through media awareness and as you meet other like-minded organizations through work sessions and other networking opportunities. Ultimately, we are looking to develop leaders while increasing your connections and ability to communicate your work with the community. Those efforts will also help lead to eliminating barriers such as isolation and hopelessness.

All projects will be a part of a Buncombe County-based nonprofit with 501c3 or a similar charitable IRS tax exempt designation. All individual innovators must be in partnership with a nonprofit agency.


In 2016, the Health Federation of Philadelphia awarded Buncombe County a grant to mobilize actions to building more resilient communities. This initial funding showed how small investments in communities could yield huge results and amplify community involvement.

Last year, we supported mentoring programs, leadership development, teen afterschool programs, community healing circles, and several multilingual community multimedia platforms. Because of the success of the Tipping Point Grants in our communities the Buncombe County Commissioners approved funding this year to continue investing in community efforts.

Who is Eligible for Tipping Point Grants?

Buncombe County Tipping Point Grants are open for nonprofits and individual innovators in partnership with a nonprofit looking for a cash infusion.

Tipping Point Grants are allocated for $5,000 per project. This funding source is aimed at bolstering and individual innovative ideas and existing nonprofits that are vital to the health of our community. Nonprofits that have received Tipping Point Grants in the past are eligible to reapply.



Note: Award decisions will be guided by a review team selected from Buncombe County community members. We anticipate being able to fund 20 applications this year.

Locate & Contact

Tipping Point Grants & Review Team


Rachael Nygaard
Strategic Partnership Director
199 College Street
Asheville, NC 28801
P. (828) 250-6536

Community Investment
199 College Street, Suite 300
Asheville, NC 28801

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Monday - Friday
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Review Team

  • Dionne Greenlee-Jones
  • Gerri Delaney
  • Mary Pat Kieffer
  • Ray Hemachandra
  • Katie Valeika
  • Lauren Sexton
  • Meredith Friedheim
  • Shaneka Haynes