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Our Mission & Goals

Buncombe County is a caring community in harmony with its environment where residents succeed, thrive, and realize their potential.

Our Mission

  • We promote a healthy, safe, well-educated, and thriving community with a sustainable quality of life.
  • We provide effective and efficient government our residents can trust.
  • We deliver needed service through a responsive work force committed to excellence, integrity, and teamwork.

To achieve this mission, Buncombe County Government realizes the importance of a diverse professional workforce and the need to foster a responsive and innovative organizational culture, one that fully engages all of our employees, honoring and building on each employee's unique experiences, opinions, and perspective.







General Government

  • Improve communications with residents through public meetings, media, and integrated technology.
  • Provide high-quality, cost-effective, fair and equitable service through process improvement, efficient use of resources, contracted services, materials, and equipment.
  • Ensure high quality service by attracting and retaining a qualified work force through competitive compensation, employment benefits, employee training, and employee recognition.
  • Continuously improve internal and external customer satisfaction through ongoing analysis and response to customer feedback.
  • Assure fiscal and programmatic accountability to residents through internal and external reporting and well documented, clearly communicated procedures.

Human Services

  • Encourage client independence and self-sufficiency by providing basic care and protection while promoting self-reliance.
  • Address the current and changing needs of individuals by making efficient use of available resources.
  • Respond effectively to the needs of individuals and families by providing flexibility in service delivery.
  • Maximize the effectiveness of county services by establishing collaborative planning, development, and evaluation of human service programs among county departments.
  • Enhance human service programs by encouraging collaboration through community partnerships.

Culture & Recreation

  • Meet the changing needs of our diverse community by developing, supporting, and encouraging access to appropriate technological, educational, and recreational programs.
  • Improve the cost-effectiveness of recreational services by developing recreation facilities and programs that are self- maintained through user fees, sponsorships, donations, and grants.
  • Enhance residents’ quality of life by developing library and recreation facilities with easy access to neighborhoods.
  • Respond to the growth and diversity of community-wide programs and facilities through appropriate staffing levels.
  • Ensure the quality of recreation and library facilities by establishing and maintaining county-wide construction and operation standards.


  • Minimize the cost of solid waste disposal by utilizing the most appropriate, environmentally sensitive, and economically sound technologies available.
  • Improve water quality through pollutant source reduction and public education.
  • Reduce the amount of disposed household hazardous wastes through effective public education initiatives.
  • Improve customer convenience and service by streamlining the permitting process.
  • Improve air quality through public education and cooperation between agencies, departments, and private corporations.


  • Improve the likelihood of students’ school success by assuring that all children enter primary school equipped to learn and gain maximum benefits from their educational opportunities.
  • Create an environment which encourages high school graduation including: expectations of both a demonstrated competence in fundamental skills and knowledge at the end of the 8th grade and a commitment to either college prep., tech prep., or occu-prep.
  • Enable students to succeed in the technology-oriented global marketplace by graduating them with the necessary skills, setting uncompromising standards of high performance, and requiring accountability for the educators, students, and parents.
  • Meet the region’s complex education needs by establishing programs which make education more accessible, expand graduate programs, and promote high-quality research, technology transfer, and economic development.

Economic & Physical Development

  • Attract and sustain companies providing above average wages through the recruitment, development, and retention of a highly skilled and competent work force.
  • Strengthen economic vitality by attracting and retaining high-wage industries with emphasis on technology-driven companies while maintaining a balanced mix of employment opportunities.
  • Balance the need for additional economic and population growth opportunities with environmental stewardship through well-planned infrastructure expansion.
  • Promote economic development within the region by fostering cooperative partnerships with local, regional, and state entities.
  • Facilitate economic growth by eliminating impediments to small business and entrepreneurial expansions.