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  • Debt Policy
    • The debt policy establishes parameters for issuing and managing debt to meet capital needs for essential County services to residents. The scope of this policy includes debt issued and managed by the County for the capital needs of Buncombe County, Buncombe County Schools, Asheville City Schools, Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College, and the Woodfin Downtown District. It is designed to provide financial flexibility by ensuring future capacity in order to take advantage of potential future savings opportunities.
  • Fund Balance Policy
    • The fund balance has been accumulated to provide stability and flexibility to respond to unexpected adversity and/or opportunities.
  • Gift Card Policy
    • To establish a policy for minimizing or eliminating the risks associated with gift cards while maintaining the integrity of program requirements.
  • Investment Policy
    • This policy applies to all financial assets of Buncombe County except authorized petty cash accounts and trust funds administered by the Social Services Director. The County pools the cash resources of its various funds into a single pool in order to maximize investment opportunities. These funds are accounted for in the County’s Annual Comprehensive Financial Report. This policy applies to all transactions involving the financial assets and related activity of all the various funds accounted for in the County’s Annual Comprehensive Financial Report.
  • Procurement Card Policy
    • To provide rules and guidelines for the use and administration of the procurement card program, as well as the controls and measures needed to help mitigate inherent risks.


  • Meals and Meetings Policy
    • To establish a policy with guidelines for the appropriate purchase of food for County activities and events.
  • Personnel Ordinance
    • The purpose of this Personnel Ordinance is to establish a personnel system that shall promote a fair and effective means of employee recruitment and selection; develop and maintain an effective and responsible work force; promote understanding, cooperation, equal treatment, and efficiency; and provide the means for removal of unsatisfactory employees. This Ordinance is established under the authority of Chapter 153A, Article 5, and Chapter 126 of the North Carolina General Statutes.
  • Travel Policy
    • To establish the rules and guidelines for the authorization and reimbursement of travel expenses incurred by employees when travel is necessary to conduct business on behalf of the County.


  • Economic Development Policy
    • The purpose of the program is to broaden and diversify the tax base (create new job opportunities for the residents of Buncombe County) and promote the economic growth and welfare of Buncombe County. The program is adopted with the intent of complimenting any incentive program that may be adopted by a municipality within Buncombe County or by the State of North Carolina.