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Clerk of Superior Court

The Clerk of Superior Court is an elected judicial official.

The Clerk of Superior Court holds one of the most important offices in North Carolina local government and is vital to the local administration of justice.

Unlike Clerks of Court in other states, the Clerks of Superior Court in North Carolina are judges. The clerical tasks of filing, processing, indexing, and preserving court documents are only a part of the Clerk's job.


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Guide & File

Guide & File is a free online service to help users prepare court documents to file for certain case types.

  • You can,
    • Answer online questions to prepare the case filing.
    • Automatically create legal documents for free.
    • Print documents to file with the clerk of court.
  • The types of filings that are available on Guide & File include:
    • Absolute Divorce
    • Adult Guardianship
    • Adult Name Change
    • Application for Certificate of Verification of Prior Expunction
    • Domestic Violence Protective Order
    • Motion to Claim Exempt Property
    • Petition to Proceed as an Indigent
    • Probate
      • Year’s Allowance
      • Summary Administration
      • Small Estate Administration
    • Request for Relief from Fines, Fees, and Other Monetary Obligations
    • Small Claims
      • Money Owed
      • Repossession of Personal Property
    • Summary Ejectment
      • Complaint in Summary Ejectment
      • Tenant’s Answer and Counterclaims
      • Appeal to District Court

Court Date Reminders

To avoid an order for your arrest, you must show up to court.

Failing to appear in court can result in an order for arrest and financial penalty. Here are some things to remember as your court date approaches:

  • Arrive at the Buncombe County Courthouse, 60 Court Plaza in Asheville, 30 minutes before your scheduled court session.
  • Paid parking is available at Buncombe County parking deck across the street from the courthouse, at 164 College Street.
  • A security checkpoint is located at the courthouse entrance. All persons must have their bags scanned and pass through a metal detector.
  • Make the necessary arrangements ahead of time so you can be present for court.
  • You are responsible for appearing to all court dates. Be sure to know all of your court dates for any pending charges you have.

If you miss your court date, contact your lawyer immediately.
Office of the Public Defender: (828) 259-3423

If no lawyer, contact the
District Attorney’s Office: (828) 259-3410
Clerk of Superior Court: (828) 259-3400


Court Filing Fees

Statutory Copy Fees
  • Regular Copies
    $2 for first page, $0.25 for each additional page
  • Certified Copies
  • Exemplified Copies
Limited Driving Privileges
  • $100
Seat Belt and Motorcycle/ Moped Helmet Violations
  • District Court
  • Superior Court
Civil Cases
  • Small Claims
  • Civil District Court
  • Divorces
  • Civil Superior Court
  • Transcript of Judgment
  • Writs of Execution, including Evictions
Sheriff Services
  • $30 - made payable to Buncombe County Sheriff's Office
Criminal Cases
  • Criminal District & Traffic Court
    Infraction Offenses - $188
    All other Criminal Offenses - $190
  • Criminal Superior Court
  • Failure to Appear Fee
  • Failure to Comply Fee
  • Civil Revocation Fee
  • Alias & Pluries Summons
  • Endorsements
Special Proceedings
  • Foreclosures
    $300 + % of final sales price
  • Name Changes
    $120 + $3 copy charge
  • Resumption of Former Name
  • Filing for Guardianship
Motions Fee

Locate & Contact

Clerk of Superior Court


Jean Marie Christy
Clerk of Superior Court
P. (828) 259-3400

Mailing Address

Buncombe County Courthouse
60 Court Plaza
Asheville, NC 28801-3519

Courier Box Number: 12-79-02

Additional Fax Numbers

  • Criminal Division
  • Civil Division
  • Small Claims
  • Estates
  • Jury
  • Information Window