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Land Use Plan

The Land Use Plan is an important tool which can be used to both better understand and manage current and future growth.

Buncombe County's Land Use Plan was initially issued in 1998, and subsequently adopted by the Board of Commissioners in 1999. During the Land Use Planning process, studies were made of existing growth patterns, infrastructure, and uses, and areas within the County were cataloged with existing and potential development uses and factors in mind. In 2006, the Land Use Plan was updated to reflect the dramatic changes which have occurred within the County over the past decade.

The 2006 update set forth specific land use recommendations regarding rapidly urbanizing areas, environmentally sensitive portions of the County, and a number of strategies for future planning. One of these recommendations was the adoption of a County-wide Zoning Ordinance, which was subsequently enacted in December 2009.

The Land Use Plan is a living document, and is subject to change over the years as both Buncombe County and North Carolina adapt to constant changes in the population, environment, infrastructure, and economy.

Land Use Plan Documents

Sustainability Plan

Buncombe County is recognized for its rich history as both a proactive community and local government.

As our community continues to grow we find ourselves increasingly focused on adapting to inevitable changes in a sustainable manner. In order to provide guidance to these efforts, Buncombe County developed a County-wide Sustainability Plan. This plan is intended to inspire our community to put sustainable practices first, thereby strengthening our community, environment, and economy.

The five-year Sustainability Plan has been updated to continue through 2021.

The update process has included sustainability partners from Buncombe County who contributed their expertise and knowledge on current conditions, new initiatives, and anticipated policy and funding changes. As a result, the Plan Update contains revised goals and objectives in order to continue to address the most relevant issues facing our community and to apply our efforts in the most productive manner.

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