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e911 Addressing

The Buncombe County Commissioners adopted the E-911 Ordinance in 1994. The Ordinance regulates how parcels and houses can be addressed, and guarantees consistency in addressing for quick response by emergency personnel.

The E-911 system uses a computer mapping database that helps emergency personnel and vehicles locate the site of an emergency. Addresses are given based upon the distance between homes, as well as the building location on the street.

County E-911 Addressing staff are responsible for addresses in the municipalities of Woodfin, Biltmore Forest, Weaverville, Black Mountain as well as in the unincorporated areas of the County. While a large portion of the County was re-addressed immediately after the Ordinance was passed, new building and existing but incorrectly numbered roads still require the attention of the E-911 staff in order to ensure that emergency personal can locate you and your loved ones.

Road Name Petition (PDF)

Road Name Petitions must be signed by all property owners who access the road to be named. Road names cannot be duplicated, whether or not they are different road types (i.e. Valley Street exists, so a petition will not be granted to name another road Valley Lane). Homeowners wishing to change the name of their road, individuals subdividing a tract into three parcels or more to be served by a private drive or roadway, or individuals placing three homes or more on a private drive or roadway must name their access road using this form.

Subdivision Road Name Request Form (PDF)

When developing a subdivision of 4 lots or greater, to be served by a new or existing road, addresses must be given to the new lots prior to receiving final plat approval. New road names for roads not servicing any other parcels than those to be included in the development would not require a petition of owners, as there would be a single applicant involved at this stage. Road names cannot be duplicated, whether or not they are different road types (i.e. Valley Street exists, so a petition will not be granted to name another road Valley Lane). Approved addresses must be placed on the final plat prior to review by the Planning Department.

Frequently Asked Questions

Addresses may need to be changed for several reasons. Possibilities include that current addresses on your road are incorrect in that they are either non-sequential or that both odd and even numbers are located on the same side of the street, or that there is not enough space for new construction being permitted, as the County uses only whole numbers to address homes, measuring the distances between each home. Also, it may have come to the Department’s attention that there are three or more homes being served by a private drive but addressed as if they are located on the main road.

Please begin to use your new address immediately when calling in case of emergency, as this is how emergency services will be able to locate you. Be sure to change your mailing address as well as the numbers on your mailbox and home, displaying them in a prominent location for easy identification (E-911 staff will notify your mail carrier of the change). Postal Change of Address forms can be picked up at your local post office, and filing the form with the Postal Service will forward your mail to your new address for up to a year. Once you begin to receive mail that has been forwarded to your new address by the Postal Service, be sure to contact the sender and change your address with them. Please note, a change of address will not affect the ownership or deed description tied to the property—this is simply a way to ensure that emergency services can find you when you need help by utilizing a consistent addressing technique and mapping database, and government offices will have access to the addressing database. However, it is important that you inform your mortgage company of the change, providing them with a copy of the letter you have received.

The E-911 staff will assign a road name after an allotted time has passed if no eligible name has been agreed upon by individuals whose property accesses the road and submitted to E-911 staff, in order to ensure emergency response. If at a later date the neighbors do agree on an eligible, non-duplicated road name, a Road Name Petition may be filed with the Department at that time.