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Web Flood Information

Retrieving Flood Information from for FEMA Floodplain


  1. Go to geographic information systems
  2. Access the GIS information system
  3. Complete the disclaimer agreement
  4. Map appears of county
  5. Go to search by button at top left
  6. Search by property identification number (pin), using no spaces between numbers and execute; or use other choices such as address or owner name
  7. The selection results should appear along with a property map of the parcel. If the map does not appear, then there must be multiple results for your search.  Choose between the selection results for the desired parcel
  8. A map contents column should appear to the left of the map. Click on 2010 DFIRM Flood Data
  9. The 100-year floodplain limits appear as a shaded blue dotted area with black borders. Zoom out if you cannot see this overlaid on the parcel until you see the floodplain layer on other parcels, to verify that the data is appearing visibly on the map.

The map numbers for Buncombe County begin 3700>>>>00J, dated January 6, 2010. If you need a map number, please click on DFIRM Flood Panel. Zoom out. You will notice a highlighted 4 digit number near the center of the grid. The FEMA map panel number for the parcel you are interested in would be 3700>>>>00J (insert the four digit number for the >).

If you do not intend to hire a surveyor or use a Map Determination Company for a flood hazard determination, the steps enumerated above should give you reasonable satisfaction as to whether or not the parcel you are interested in is within the 100-year floodplain. Also, go to and enter the property address. You will be provided with information about the property’s flood risk, and flood insurance premium estimates.