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Justice Resource Advisory Council

Leveraging best practices to increase system efficiency, promote public safety & community wellness.

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The purpose of the Council is to serve as an advisory body to the policy makers, judiciary, and stakeholder groups of the criminal justice system in Buncombe County.

The Council examines potential improvements to the system, sets priorities, makes recommendations, and guides their implementation.

Justice Resource Advisory Council Members

Buncombe County Government

  • Bureau of Identification
  • Board of Commissioners
  • Manager’s Office
  • Pretrial Services
  • Sheriff’s Office


  • City of Asheville Police Department
  • Local Private Defense Bar Association
  • NC 28th Judicial District Clerk of Court
  • NC 28th Judicial District Community Corrections
  • NC 28th Judicial District Juvenile
  • NC 28th Judicial District Magistrates’ Office
  • NC 28th Judicial District Public Defender’s Office
  • NC 28th Judicial District, Superior and District Court
  • NC 28th Prosecutorial District Attorney’s Office
  • Regional Area Public Managed Care Organization

"The Justice Resource Advisory Council is designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the Buncombe County criminal justice system — thereby maximizing public safety and increasing community wellness."

Top Priorities

  • Jail Population Reduction
  • Diverting Individuals with Mental Illness and Substance Abuse into treatment
  • Increasing court efficiency
  • Data Integration
  • Community Engagement
  • Addressing Racial and Ethnic Disparities
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Re-entry Support

Safety & Justice Challenge

Buncombe County Government was first selected to join the Safety and Justice Challenge Network in 2017...

In October 2018, the County received $1.75 million from The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation to implement strategies to reduce jail numbers by addressing the main drivers of the County’s jail population. The grant is part of the Safety and Justice Challenge, a $148 million national initiative to reduce over-incarceration by changing the way America thinks about and uses jails.

Buncombe County Government was first selected to join the Safety and Justice Challenge Network in 2017 with $50,000 grant for a targeted project focused on more effective supervision of people charged with domestic violence offenses, with the goal of assisting defendants and working with victims to increase safety by adequately managing defendants in the community and reserving jail resources for those who pose the greatest risk.

The Buncombe County Justice Resource Advisory Council has developed a comprehensive plan for local justice system reforms with the goal of reducing the average daily jail population by 15% percent over two years.

Key strategies and initiatives to achieve this goal and create a safer, more effective system include:

  • Pre-arrest and pre-trial diversion strategies
  • Improvements to case processing efficiency
  • Data Integration
  • Enhanced services for people with mental illness or substance abuse issues involved with the justice system
  • Addressing racial and ethnic disparities and increasing community engagement

Cross System Collaboration

Locate & Contact

Justice Resource Advisory Council


Tiffany Iheanacho
Justice Resource Coordinator
60 Court Plaza, 15th Floor
Asheville, NC 28801
P. (828) 250-6402

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