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A Coordinated Community Response to Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

Utilizing evidence based, best practice models from across the nation.

Leaders in Buncombe County have come together to address domestic and sexual violence in a coordinated way. Buncombe County's Coordinated Community Response utilizes evidence based, best practice models from across the nation. The goal of this community wide approach is to reduce incidents of domestic and sexual violence in Buncombe County. Law enforcement, the courts, social work, community agencies and health care providers are all collaborating to address domestic and sexual violence from multiple angles.

Community Engagement

Increasing community awareness, developing skills and preventing violence.

  • The eNOugh Campaign - public education campaign aimed at increasing awareness and community engagement.
  • Still Standing Survivors of domestic and sexual violence are sharing their stories of hope and strength to help inspire our community to stand up against domestic and sexual violence and give victims the courage they may need to come forward.
  • Primary Prevention - Partners in Prevention Plan creating new and utilizing existing programs to prevent domestic and sexual violence in our community. Programs include Our VOICE’s Bar Outreach.
  • Community Training - from training healthcare providers how to screen for intimate partner violence to training service providers on the long term impacts of violence on children. This training helps community members go from bystanders to up-standers. If your group is interested in a training please contact

Survivor Services

Improving services to victims and survivors to support their healing.

  • Buncombe County Family Justice Center — co-locating and integrating victim services providers to create a comprehensive, one-stop model to meet victim needs and increase safety
  • Survivors VOICES – people who have experienced domestic or sexual violence are using their voices to help raise awareness and understanding, advocate for system improvement, and support others who are experiencing violence.

High Risk Interventions

Identifying and intervening in higher risk domestic violence situations.

  • Danger Assessments — determining the level of danger an abused women has of being killed by her intimate partner
  • Lethality Assessment Program - identifying victims of domestic violence who are at the highest risk of being seriously injured or killed by their intimate partners, and immediately connecting them to the local domestic violence service program
  • Domestic Violence Fatality Review Team - A Domestic Violence Fatality Review Team (DVFRT) is defined by the NC General Assembly in Session Laws 2009-52 and 2013-70. The DVFRT includes a broad cross section of community service providers who review domestic violence homicides that have occurred within the County and identify opportunities for system improvement.

Offender Accountability

Engaging individuals in behavior change to reduce violence.

Cross System Dialogue

Improving communication within and across partner agencies to improve our response to domestic and sexual violence.

Coordinated Community Response

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