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Pretrial Release

Pretrial services programs perform two critically important functions in the effective administration of criminal.

Pretrial Services conducts impartial interviews and compiles background information on individuals that have been arrested and are in custody before their trial. A standardized risk assessment provides information about the probability that released individuals will appear for future court dates and avoid committing other crimes while their cases are pending. Summaries of these findings are shared with the courts to assist judicial officials in making pretrial release and bond decisions.

Pretrial Services also provides supervision and monitoring of conditions of release as ordered by the courts. Supervision levels can range from once-a-week telephone contact to weekly face-to-face meetings, along with any monitoring required. Some defendants receive GPS-based electronic monitoring and other conditions as ordered by the courts. As part of this supervision, the conditions of release are monitored, and noncompliance is reported back to the courts.

Pretrial Services works with the Justice Resource Center and community partners to ensure seamless linkages to mental health and substance abuse treatment and other community based services.

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Pretrial Reporting Dashboard

About Dashboard

This dashboard contains information about the workload of Buncombe County Pretrial Services. A program of Justice Services, Pretrial Services provides critical information to the courts that can be considered in release decisions. The program also provides supervision services for people who have been released from custody but still have pending charges.

This dashboard is updated monthly and includes information on:

  • Public Safety Assessments (PSA)
  • Supervision Caseload
  • Supervision Outcomes

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