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Project Still Standing - Break the Silence!

Survivors of domestic and sexual violence are sharing their stories of hope and strength to help inspire our community to stand up against domestic and sexual violence and give victims the courage they may need to come forward.

Still Standing is a community-based domestic and sexual violence reduction effort. All of the following survivor stories are true, and contains subject matter not intended for younger audiences.

Still Standing Stories

To read the stories, click on a silhouette.

Allison's Story
Erin's Story
Jade's Story
millie's Story
ileana's Story
laura's Story
john's Story
jane's Story
ZaKiya's Story
Kayden's Story
Sara's Story
katherine's Story
Rebecca's Story
Shatara's Story
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Do you know someone who is a victim of domestic or sexual violence?

A path to strength, safety, and hope

If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic or sexual violence please visit the Family Justice Center located at 35 Woodfin Street, or call (828) 250-6900 to schedule an appointment.

Survivor Stories