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Register of Deeds Notice

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The Buncombe County Register of Deeds office has kept property records since the late 1700’s. In our records one can find a wealth of information about the history of our community. On this page, we have compiled a list of the documents that record the trade of people as slaves in Buncombe County.

1776 - 1865
Years Recorded
Documented Slaves Sales
# of Grantors
# of Grantees

Original Documents

The Register of Deeds Office presents these records in an effort to help remember our past so we will never again repeat it.

These people were considered “property” prior to end of the Civil War; therefore these transfers were recorded in the Register of Deeds office.

Table: Slave Deeds from 1776 to 1865
Grantor Grantee Slave Names Book Page
Dillard, JoshiaLove, ThomasJenny, Rose & DavidCMD12
Sams, EdmundForster, William SenJaneCMD12
Faine, Ebenezer Forster, WilliamUnityCMD13
Ritchie, JamesKeith, GabrielTenorCMD15
Davidson, ThomasAlexander, ThomasCharlesCMD121
Smith, WilliamForster, Thomas JerryCMD122
Hightower, JohnHightower, HardyJo, Henry & CateCMD122
Erwin, AndrewMurray, SamuelNancy & 2 childrenCMD124
Craig, JohnForster, WilliamSpencer & AggeCMD126
Jones, EdmundSmith, DanielCain & NedCMD131
Patton, John Henry, JosephFanny & child (Mary)CMD137
Keith, GabrielRichey, JamesTeeneyCMD138
Rutherford, JamesDavidson, JohnSamCMD143
Brank, RobertTo whom it may concernSilvaCMD148
Lane, SamuelLove, ThomasBobCMD149
Jones, CalletKing, SamuelPolly & SallyCMD149
Tate, DavidKing, SamuelJamesCMD151
Rogers, AllenLove, ThomasSquireCMD162
Rutherford, James Cooper, AdamReed, James MedA 91
Flack, MaryFlack, WilliamJef & RozeA146
Flack, MaryFlack, MaryLul & LuseA146-A
Welch, WilliamBird, Mary AnnRose, & children (Soley, Jeck, Teny, Joseph & Peny)A442
Morrison, NormanMerritt, JohnSallyB130
Anderson, JesseAshworth, AnnHennyC42
Donoho, CharlesHenry, MalcombeJudith & GeorgeC113
Rutherford, James Sheriff Buncombe CoDavidson, John IsaacC292
Horton, ZephaniahBaird, BedantJimC345
Welsh, JohnHoodenpyle, PhJacob, Jenny & children (Katy, Rachel & Jenny)E122
Kincaid, JamesKincaid, James Sr.JunoE192
McCray, HenryHolcombe, MayJudyE218
Rutherford, James Sheriff Buncombe CoJones, Thomas TingoG 71
Patton, JamesErwin, AndrewTom, Isaac, Tommy, Nelly & children (Henry, Charlotte & Jo) Dina & children (Lewis, Nancy, Thomas, Edmund, Tufy, & Caroline) Charles, Freeman, Peter, Jarry, Jacob, Jim, Ned, Yellow, Will, Leala, Goohe & children, et alG154
Tenneson, AbrahamTenneson, ReubenJohn & MillieG219
Funkhouser, HenryFunkhouser, JohnMollG225
Rogers, MatthewFletcher, WilliamKim & DileeG235
Garrett, Mary KnoxMurray, ThomasHannaH210
Commonds, Samuel Commonds, ElizabethMcCleran, Archibald Nelson, William Jr AttyBuckH 213
Outlaw, AlexNelson, WilliamHarry, Serr, Cloe, Nanny, Buck, Nancy & LorenzoH213
Moore, WilliamAshworth, JohnDickH349
Moore, WilliamAshworth, AnnRachalH350
Partin, JohnHightower, JohnCate, Luke, Henry, Joe1-A90
Ripley, JohnHightower, JohnFrank28
Hightower, MarthaHightower, JohnNed29
Hawkins, JamesForster, WilliamFeebe234
Kennerly, WilliamCraig, JohnJacob 2327
Turk, Thomas SrCraig, JohnFanny2328
Smith, DanielDavidson, Williamname unknown3120
Patton, JosephHenry, JosephFannie3325
Keith, GabrielRitchey, JamesTriner3373
Richey, JamesKeith, GabrielTenor4120
Erwin, AndrewMurray, SamuelNancy & children (Aron, Sarah)537
Jones, EdmondSmith, DanielCane & Ned5191
Rutherford, JamesDavidson, JohnSam7194
McWhorter, BenjaminDavidson, Benjamin FJoe10389
Mills, WilliamStanton, WillTom1185
Carson, ChasHitower, EpaphrotitesAlec11224
Carleton, Robert MAvery, Isaac FDavid11226
Swain, GeorgePalmer, JohnLytia, Dolly, Fielding & Polly1212
Murray, Samuel SrMurray, FlorowArson1277
Miller, John Miller, RebeccaWilliamson, RobertGeorge & Betsy1282
Hill, GeorgeAshworth, JohnFray & William12218
Penland, NobleShepherd, ThomasPolly, Jack & Peter12249
Waters, Christy Waters, ElizabethJones, Thomas Mill12 382
Nighton, Mary HGudger, JamesBeck, Misa, Issac & Jerry12569
Smith, William DKing, SamuelHannah, Steppen, John, Patty & Tora1319
Sheriff Buncombe CoCarson, CharlesJennett1350
Smith, William DWilliamson, RobertTilly13104
Oliver, BenjaminOliver, JosephCharles13161
Ashworth, AnneAshworth, JohnRachel13171
Hunter, JohnPosey, BenjaminPam or Fam13218
Ward, LewisWard, ScynthaLucey13251
Ward, Lewis Ward, Elizabeth Ward, Mary Ward, ZillahFanny, Cherra & Sharpen13 252
Ward, LewisWard, BenjaminIsaac & Hannah13253
Griffith, Chisholm Griffith, John Brigman, SolomanBrigman, Soloman Griffith,Chisholm Griffith, JohnJack13 274
Waters, Elizabeth Waters, JobHammons, William Summers, SarahMinton13 340
Sams, EdmundFoster, Thomas JrNursa & Misa13376
Foster, WilliamFoster, ThomasPhyllis13377
Skidmore, ElijahBarnet, HesterMary & child (Jackson)13383
Allison, SarahBarnet, HesterClarescey & Lucey13384
Horton, MalcolmHarrison, NathanielEpes13396
Justice, ThomasWilliamson, ElijahPatience & child (Daniel)13427
Murray, RobertMurray, WilliamWoman & 2 children13443
Lance, PeterAshworth, AnnJerry13449
Smith, William DAshworth, AnnPeneljoy & Brian13449
Murray, ElizabethMurray, WilliamSaly & children (Mary & Dock)13461
Forster, WilliamForster, Thomas JrFrances & Lucinda13469
Horton, MalcolmMetcalf, JamesVirginia1473
Brittain, Benjamin SMidcalf, JamesJack or Tuck14128
Henderson, ArchibaldDavis, JamesBet14161
Webb, John Gash, Martin and wife Gash, MaryJeany & child (Anvisy)14 187
Poor, Polly MiraPoor, Issac ThomasEnistis & Neath14233
Poor, Polly MiraPoor, MiltonJenny & Fifen14235
Poor, Polly MiraPoor, PhebeBarbara & Henry14237
Poor, Polly MiraPoor, William RobartChance & Wylor14239
Poor, Polly Mira McClain, John and wife McClain, Polly OsgoodPat & Manuel14 241
Poor, Polly Mira Spann, Leah Caroline Spann, John and wifeKelly or Filly & Owen14 243
Israel, SarahRoberts, RichardHannah & child (Juday)14306
Hunter, WilliamSmith, James MLucy14326
Floyd, JamesWebb, JohnSusky14349
Tennison, ReubenScott, ThomasJohn, Milly, Rob, Vina, Nell & Andy14357
Justice, Thomas SrWilliamson, ElijahPatience & child (Daniel)14375
Murray, WilliamMcDowell, Athan ASealy, Jac & Moses1525
Barnard, H AGahagan, George WSacak & children (Janis, John, William, Rily & Wiley)1557
Hensley, HenryHensley, WilliamDice15104
Summey, JacobMoore, CharlesNancy & children (Aron & Sarah)15134
Stanfield, MunfordWilliamson, RobertMisanda15147
Jenkins, Vina Jenkins, Samuel Jenkins, AzureLucy15 171
Poteet, James Poteet, James HColeman, William Bob15 175
Brank, RobertTo whom it may concernRandolph & Melton15194
Ward, ElizabethWard, GilleSharp15253
Chambers, JosephDavidson, Samuel WBob15253
Tenneson, ReubenTenneson, Mary Ann EHiram15288
Tenneson, Reuben Tenneson, Anna Maria D S Dobson, ScottLeonay15 294
Wilson, SamuelDavidson, Samuel WJim15296
Hogsed, WalterCarson, SamPhillip15352
Piercy, BlakeAmmons, EphraimAnna1652
Pickett, Micajah Estate Whitted, Hiram Ex Pickett, Kisannah Pickett, Charles Whitted, Susan Tr Johns, SusannahWhitted, Hiram Pickett, Kisannah Pickett, Charles Whitted, Susan TrRock16 83
Rodgers, John Rogers, JohnPatton, James W Judd16138
Clayton, DavidPatton, JamesManuel16138
Swain, David L Vance, David Ex Vance, Robert BPatton, JamesPeter, Isaac & Harry16139
Wilson, SamuelPatton, JamesJim16160
Pittillo, LittletonAllen, James Millington Allen, Littleton Pittillo Allen, William Jordan Allen, Elizabeth PerkinsDarkey & Vina16342
Mills, William SrEdney, SarahBob16366
Edney, AsaBaring, CharlesLark16374
Davis, John et alBaring, CharlesRalph, Lucy and child (Ellick)16375
Whitted, Susan Ex Whitted, HiramBaring, Charles Frank16 375
Pickett, JosephBaring, CharlesJacob & Maria16383
Hemphill, Andrew WMorris, JamesMalinda16400
Piercey, BlakePiercey, EphraimCharles, Jack & Peggy16423
Hyse, GeorgeStarnes, JohnPolsy16423
Hardy, James F EPatton, Benjamin FDelphia16426
Patton, Benjamin FPatton, James WDelphia16426
Gudger, William Sr Whitson, Elizabeth Whitson, Thomas and wifeAndy16 442
Gudger, William Sr Gash, John and wife Gash, NancyCharlotte16 442
Patton, B FPatton, James WIsaac, Yellow, Jemooly & Elazeal16443
Piercy, BlakeWilson, JamesHarry, Susan, Jane, Squire & Meiza16465
Allen, DanielWhiteside, MosesNed16512
Hamilton, Hugh SrRutledge, SarahLeridy16529
Smith, WilliamRhodes, ThomasGeorge1718
Poteet, James Sr Poteet, James NHorton, Malcolm Phobee, Joseph, Charles & Bob17 18
Webb, StacyOwnby, StacySally & child1747
Justice, WilliamWoodfin, JohnMary1774
Grady, Henry Smith, William DPatton, James W Silas & Isaac1774
Webb, StacyGudger, William JrRupell17 77
Gudger, William SrWhitson, SallyMariah & Malinda17110
Gudger, William Whitson, Joseph and wife Whitson, SalinaEsther & child (Ann) Cynthia & child (Bozetta)17 111
Miller, John Rhodes, HannahMiller, Thomas R George & Caroline17 149
Henry, JosephHightower, EpaphraditusAdaline & boy child17150
Jarrett, JohnPatton, JamesBush or Rush17151
Kimsey, WilliamBearing, CharlesEdick17186
Howell, RidderPatton, James WRachel17214
Eller, JosephAllen, JohnDaniel17221
Kimsey, WilliamHodges, FlemingSusanne & child (Roland)1916
Forester, Thomas Forster, ThomasPatton, Thomas Philles19 16
Forster, ThomasPatton, ThomasSusan & child (Ann)1916
Posey, BWilliamson, ElijahSidney1917
Jervis, AbnerHemphill, AndrewSarah1956
Atkinson, WilliamPatton, ThomasJohn1973
Murray, WilliamRichardson, BenjaminCely & children (Cindy & Camodoor)1988
Lewis, Richard TBaring, CharlesPhilis, Eveline & Sam1999
Murray, WilliamRichardson, BenjaminSilak & children (Aboses, Comodone & Cindy)19104
Summers, Lucretia Justice, Thomas EWoodfin, Nicholas W Harriet19 105
Murray, WilliamPearson, AlexanderMarthy19148
Posey, BenjaminSpann, JamesViteb & children (Lucada & Lucinda)19148
Woodfin, JohnWoodfin, Nicholas WHarriet & child (Gilford)19181
Jarvis, AbnerGilreath, PennelClarina19188
Webb, StacyLongmire, StacyJane & children (Ana & Olorifra)19191
Gudger, William SenLongmire, StacyRuffin19191
Gudger, William SenGash, JosephNelson19192
Johnson, JamesJohnson, Benjamin DMash19226
Wilson, William BWilson, William TVina & Sush19237
Featherston, MerrymanFeatherston, WilliamRily19265
Featherston, MerrymanFeatherston, Ambrose MJames19266
Featherston, MerrymanFeatherston, Seaborn TMichael, Peter, Lucy, Fanny, Rose, George, Will & Charles19266
Featherston, MerrymanFeatherston, JesseRichard19267
Featherston, MerrymanFeatherston, Harriette CCaroline, Mirah, Samuel, Alfred & Eliza19 267
Featherston, MerrymanFeatherston, Mariah RPhalby & Rachel19267
Smith, William DCarson, Samuel PPrince, Shot, Ish, & Lethe19330
Hogsed, Walter SenHogsed, George WashingtonBen19360
Plemmons, PeterWells, JohnMary19386
Atkinson, WilliamLove, James RSindy & Tom19407
Paxton, William Merrimon, Branch E Merrimon, Mary EAmnes19 412
Candler, ZachariahDickinson, WilliamJane, Sucky & child (Ammon) Will, Lucy & child, Wile, Marcella, Jennet Winston, Washington & Jane19414
Gad, Rhoda Rickman, RhodaTaylor, JoshuaLinda & children (Tina Maninva & Mofo)19 460
Lance, JohnMurray, William RWilliam, Mary, Rosey, Bob & Willison19464
King, Benjamin TR Richardson, BenjaminNesbitt, Wilson Carla, Linda, Commodore & Martha19 467
Murray, WmNesbitt, WilsonCarla, Malinda, Commodore & Martha19467
King, Benjamin Richardson, BenjaminNesbitt, WilsonCalin, Linda, Commodore & Martha19468
Poor, William PSummey, Polly MSilva & child (Matilda)19469
Merrill, JonathanHenry, EphraimJack19469
Summey, Polly MiraPoor, Isaac ThomasSilva & child (Matilda)2027
Summey, Polly MiraGarrett, ElizabethRachel & child (Juliet)20107
Longmire, JohnWhitson, JosephJane & children 20146
Johnston, JamesJohnston, HughMart20164
King, JosephSpann, LucindaManda20174
King, JosephMcClain, ElizabethCaroline20175
Steel, Abraham Steel, FrancesKing, Elias Jim & Emaline20 209
Webb, StacyGudger, JosephSam20255
Johnson, JamesWilliamson, ElijahMartin20267
Pittillo, LittletonPittillo, JohnDick20271
Beachboard, L Beachboard, MathewHarrison, Nathaniel Caty & child (Creasy)20 396
Williamson, ElijahHenry, MalindaMartin20399
Posey, BLane, H EJefoe & Jim20492
Knighten, MaryGudger, JamesSofiny, Beck, Mira, Isaac & Jimy2151
Burgin, JohnBurgan, SophraniaLucinda, Margaret, Betsey,Matilda, Eliza & Tom 21131
Williamson, ElijahPosey, WilliamsonBob21216
Hurst, GeorgeGreenwood, JohnMaria21357
Miller, JohnDavis, William WClarborn21460
Angel, DanielPatton, James WBen & Usler21473
Pettillo, ElizabethSouthard, MicajahHenderson21534
Barnhill, James Lanning, Sarah Lanning, Enos Lanning, Amos Lanning, Joseph Lanning, William Lanning, James Lanning, Rachel Lanning, Elizabeth Lanning, Jesse Garren, David Garren, William Maxwell, DavidLannin, Enos Lanning, Amos Lanning, Joseph Lanning, William Lanning, James Lanning, Rachel Lanning, Elizabeth Lanning, Jessee Garren, David Garren, William Maxwell, David Barnhill, JamesFredrick & Harry22 32
Burlison, EdwardPatton, James WLucinda2237
Angel, DPatton, James WBenjamine & Senly22109
Anderson, W GAlexander, James MLavinia22142
Patton, Thomas T Patton, James SrWalton, James W Y Randal, John, Abram, Lucinda, and children (Henry Clay,Thomas Taylor, Harvey Bench, Canover, Killum) Phillis & child (Charles), Rebecca & children (Harriet, Caroline, Alice, Emory & Isaac), Charlotte & Hammond, Ruth, Penelope & child (Ceclia), Lavina22 191
Hill, AsaphPinner, BurrelKitty & child (Tom), Phillis & child (Charles), Rebecca & children (Harriet, Caroline, Alice, Gray & Jane), Charlotte & children (Hannah & Ruth), Penelope & child (Cecelia), Lavana, Lukewess, Nathan, Tom Habber, Lennel, Camel, George, Richard, Taneea, Lavern & Doll22409
Killian, John Nickels, Christopher EstateJohnston, Hugh Nancy22 460
Webb, StacyGudger, JosephSam 22474
Killian, John Admis Nichels, Christopher EstateJohnston, Hugh Harry22 481
Webb, StacyWhitson, SaryOney & Emaline22495
Whitson, JosephBurgin, DrusillaMaria & children (Ann & Easter)22503
Whitson, JosephWilliams, Sarah L.Jane22 504
Whitson, JosephWhitson, MelissaAnna22504
Whitson, JosephWilliams, SarahEmalina22504
Whitson, JosephBurgin, DrusillaClarisson22505
Lytle, MillingtonDavis, BarklyLuck22545
Whitson, JosephWhitson, SalinaOray22545
Ratcliff, BenjaminWacassar, SarahMary & child (Jackson)22553
Gahagan, Sarah Barnard, Mary Ann Barnard, Sarah EmalineSarah & children (Susan & Altha)2321
Lowry, JamesWeaver, MargaretRuth & children (Lou, Martha, Eliza, Will, Aaron, Nance & Ben)2343
Lanning, Sarah Lanning, Enos Lanning, Amos Lanning, Joseph Lanning, William Lanning, James Lanning, Jesse Barnhill, James Garron, William Garron, David Maxwell, DavidLanning, Elizabeth Lanning, RachelMahala23 89
Osborn, JohnOsborn, Joseph RAdale2392
Johnston, HughPatton, James WIbby2395
Petillo, AJYoung, ThomasPeg & child (Phillis)23111
Davidson, James CAlexander, James MBob, Lucy & children (Dolphey & Henry)23143
Burgin, Benjamin Sr TrHarrison, NathanielAfned23203
Shuford, Jacob RSmith, James MHarriah & children (William, Lucan & John)23218
Roberts, J OPatton, James WJames23260
Smith, James M Shuford, Jacob R Shuford, James M Shuford, Louisa H Shuford, Marcus L H Shuford, Mary EQuillen, Allen, Harriah &children (William, Lucan & John)23 266
Gash, Joseph D Whitson, Joseph AgtPatton, James W Nelson23 337
Whitson, JosephWhitson, Jason CarsonHenry23347
Whitson, JosephWhitson, George WJames23347
Whitson, JosephWhitson, Jason CHenry23347
Culberson, AndrewWilliams, WilliamEvelina23371
Walton, NancyPatton, Louisa N et alRebecca & Penny23448
Sheriff Buncombe CountyFoster, ThomasJane23497
Ratcliff, BenjaminHays, LouisaSubertaageu23535
Ratcliff, BenjaminFoster, DemarisLucinda23535
Davidson, Samuel WCraig, WilliamIna23553
Chunn, A BCraig, WilliamJohn23554
Henry, MaryHenry, JamesCharles241
Henry, MaryHenry, AlexanderMary & child (John) Bob & Jack242
Reynolds, JohnHawkins, BenjaminEliza2413
Wells, JohnWells, Leander OHarriet2417
Garmon, IsaacGarmon, William HGirl & Ben2472
Garrison, Wm H Garmon, IsaacGarmon, Isaac Garrison, Wm HBen & Tuck2487
Johnson, WilliamSluder, JohnEliza2487
Bartly, John WPatton, John EJim 24125
Patton, John EPlemmons, AndrewCharity24135
Patton & BerginClayton, Lambert CGarton24173
Pittillo, ElizabethLytle, Polly et alTom24184
Patton, Thomas LBurgin, Johnunnamed slaves24193
Garren, Joseph Garren, James Garren, Wiley Garren, William RNancy, Hanna, Gilbert, & Tom24 203
Patton & BurgainClayton, LambertWanda & Nath24203
Patton & BurgainWeaver, JacobDaniel24203
Edney, B MHoke, F AHenry24215
Sheriff Buncombe CountyWoodfin, N WLucinda, her children, Burty, Luberty or Betsy & child24252
Davidson, Samuel W Patton, John EPatton, John E TR Silva & child (Misy), Peggy & children (Anna, Tim & Billy)24 256
Davidson, Samuel Burgin, John WBurgin, John W Mira & children (Isaac, Rosean, Staphan, Matilda, Geller & Justin) & the children of Jenny (Jr, Levi, Lucy, Ellin, Rhoda, Samuel & Syrus)24 257
Garren, DavidGudger, WilliamHamitt24306
Smith, Samuel Reynolds, Daniel Kilgore, Josiah Kilgore, Laster OReynolds, Daniel Lawson24 310
McDowell, AndrewWoodfin, N WCaroline24344
Woodfin, N WLuske, JamesCaroline24344
Wilfong, DanielPatton, S JMeria24348
Barnard, H AGudger, Emaline SNancy & child (Matilda)24402
Morrison, W Palmer, Jesse Wilson, Joseph H ExWells, John W Mary Caroline24 409
Lee, Stephen Atty et alPulliam, Robert WCyrus24425
Whitson, MelessiaMiller, GeorgeAnn24465
Gudger, JamesGudger, A MSam24466
Hawkins, JohnPatton, James WAlexander24543
Pinner, WilliamPinner, JenneyAmlus24559
Pinner, WilliamPinner, JaneIsaac24562
Hardy, J F EMcDunn, IsaacMary & child (Sarah)24586
Osborn, E Osborn, R Osborn, Thomas Osborn, J RJeom24 587
Gudger, JosephPatton, Robert CRosanah24588
Rawley, ErastusPulliam, R WLutty & infant boy child24617
Flowers, ElizabethSharpe, MarandaEzekeel24627
Merrimon, A S Sawyer, Isaac B Woodfin, J WMerrimon, A S Sawyer, Isaac B Mary & Dianah25 27
Devault, George HHunt, WashingtonViney, Meany, Malinda, John, Emily, Margaret, Francis, Bill, Eliza, Catherine & Finley2567
Crumley, John LWoodfin, N WIsaac2587
McDowell, W WPatton, James WSandy & John25120
Henry, AlexRobertson, AlexanderJack25194
Shuford, J RBlake, DanielBob25225
Patton, J WPatton, James ARebecca & children (Felix, Lucretia & Clay)25239
Crumley, J LWoodfin, N WIsaac25302
Hardy, J F EHardy, William MEliza, Aruy, Adalaid & Hardin25451
Baird, Mary A Reynolds, Daniel Baird, W BBaird, W B Bob25 453
Gudger, A M Gudger, S E Hawkins, H L Hawkins, Robert Penland, Elizabeth Penland, J M Penland, M P Penland, Robert, N Penland, William M Wells, B F Wells, S EWells, J W Jack25 456
Robeson, John H Comm Boyd, James B EstateWells, John W Martha & Ben25 476
McDunn, IsaacBallew, John WMay & child (Sally)25485
Stearns, JohnStearns, Francis MJefferson Spencer & Lonzo25608
Stearns, JohnStearns, George HAnn25616
Summey, A TMorrison, Sarah EFasing25657
Williams, H B Williams, L SBoyd, John Louisa & children, Mary & Sandy25 667
Brevard, T APatton & BurginLosam or Lorenzo25783
Summey, A TWeaver, J TSusan & child (Robert)2614
Lutterell, Martha Lutterell, James CGaines, Margaret A Lutterell, James C TRMary & children (John, Henry, Moniva & Houston)26 76
King, Daniel King, PollyWells, J W Mariah26 116
King, John P King, Daniel King, Nancy King, William King, Winnie King, William JrWells, J W Hannah & Mariah26 116
King, JoshuaWells, J WHannah & Mariah26117
Monday, AlexanderRagan, James ASamuel, Amanda, Yancey, Zelphen & Nathaniel26157
Hooper, WilliamWilson, John WJane & child (Margaret)26259
Hawkins, RobertWells, John WRachel & children (Lace, Jim & Size)26405
Wells, R P Admin et al Wells, B F Admn et al Wells, Elizabeth EstateWells, J W Luander26 405
Hardy, J F EHardy, J GeddingsCharles26631
Hardy, J F EHardy, WashingtonLaborn26631
Cunningham, Jane Patton, James W TrHampton, George W Rosa & children (Charles, Joseph, Calvin & Amos)27 70
Lee, StephenWeaver, Jesse RLucy, Felix & Fanny27269
Ray, HenryWeaver, James TSarah27338
Ray, HenryWeaver, JacobSimon27338
About Original Documents

This list shows the book and page number where the deed is located in our record books as well as the seller (grantor) and buyer (grantee) of the “property”.

*The Register of Deeds would like thank the Center for Diversity Education for their help in the preparation of this information.

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