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Organizations and Resources for Genealogical Research

The Register of Deeds Office offers accommodations for anyone wishing to do genealogical research with all of our digital records on the 3rd floor in the Public Records Search Room. Additionally, an index of all Buncombe County Register of Deeds records are available online. If you would like an image of the actual record, please email us at

While the Register of Deeds staff is unable to do in depth genealogical research for you, the following organizations and resources may be of assistance to you.

Online Records Search

The actual record cannot be viewed online (Birth, Death, Marriage) but the index is available. If you would like an uncertified copy of the actual record, please email us at or come into the office.

North Carolina Collection at Pack Library

NC Collection - Pack Library
67 Haywood St
Asheville, NC  28801
(828) 250-4740

The North Carolina Collection at Pack Library is a fully cataloged collection of published materials reflecting history, literature and life in Western North Carolina. Within the collection there is a particular emphasis on material relating to Asheville and Buncombe County.
This collection includes photographs, historical documents, genealogies, postcards, maps, oral histories, and microfiche of local newspapers, in addition to a wide variety of books relating to the history of WNC.

Genealogical Society

Old Buncombe County Genealogical Society
128 Bingham Rd, Ste 950
Asheville, NC  28806
(828) 253-1894

The OBCGS site contains numerous files with information about Old Buncombe County families. Also included on this site is information about historical sites, battles, wars, and general research.

Slave Deeds

On our Slave Deeds page, we have compiled a list of the documents that record the trade of people as slaves in Buncombe County. These people were considered “property” prior to end of the Civil War; therefore these transfers were recorded in the Register of Deeds office. Please go to the Slave Deeds page for more information.

Cohabitation Records

In addition to our Slave Deeds information, we have our historic Cohabitation records available online. These records were recorded directly after the civil war. This is a list of people who survived slavery, who then came to the Buncombe County Courthouse in 1866 to record their marriage. Please view the Cohabitation Records page for more information.

Historical Delayed Birth Certificates

Prior to 1913 the State of North Carolina did not record vital records (Birth/Death). Residents who did not have a birth certificate recorded were required to apply for a delayed birth certificate. Those birth records can be found in our office.

All delayed birth certificates on record in the Buncombe County Register of Deeds office are fully indexed. Review these listings using the online document search. You may also visit the office to view records and do genealogical research in person.

Request Record By Mail

To purchase copies of records by mail, please send payment and the completed Genealogy Request Form to:

Register of Deeds
205 College Street
Asheville, NC 28801

Please enclose a check made payable to the "Register of Deeds" for $.25 per each copy requested. A stamped, self-addressed envelope can help ensure faster return.

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