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Questions and information about maps.

No, our data is not survey grade data and should only be used as a reference. Our data should not be used to locate lot lines, property corners, settle boundary disputes etc. We advise landowners to refer back to your deeds and plats, and to consult a professional land surveyor to locate property lines if needed.

Land Records does not map any kind of access or utility easements.

You need to fill out a Deceased Owner Form and send it to our office by e-mail, mail, or in person. If your relative deceased outside of Buncombe County, you will need to provide a copy of their death certificate. Also, if you have a copy of your relative's estate file please attach it as well.

You can actually own more land than can be taxed, the most common case is when a property boundary crosses a public road. However if you are being taxed for more or less acreage than you feel like you should be, please let us know and we can research and address the issue if needed.

Yes, our department needs to know so that we can correct any mapping issues. Contact Land Records, below, with your address and/or PIN and allow for a few weeks for a mapper to address the problem. Also, please keep in mind that the taxable acreage for your parcel may increase or decrease when we adjust parcel boundaries.

If a plat or deed that is intended to subdivide, recombine, or adjust acreage was recorded after January 1, the bill for the parcel in question will still reflect the prior year's information. Your new bill for the next year will be updated to reflect the changes you have made after January 1.

The same rules apply here as they did if you didn't sell the parcel. You will still receive the bill and it is up to you, and the new owners of the property to prorate and pay the tax bill for that parcel.

We review subdivision plats for the prior week each Monday. Please allow 5-10 business days for these parcels to be mapped and have a PIN assigned. The new lots will be visible on the GIS site or Discover Buncombe the next morning.

If you have recorded a subdivision plat that was merged via the combination form or if it wasn't subdivided by Land Records in the past, fill out a Request for Property Split and a mapper will generate your new parcels based off of the plat you have provided. Please keep in mind these request will take a few weeks, the mapper will have to research and sometimes contact planning in order to ensure the split is legal.

County tax maps that were used prior to the present GIS data can be accessed online at the Register of Deeds site or searching for them in the Assessor Books site.

Documents & Forms

Real Estate & Land Records forms.

Fees & Resources

Services & their fees, plus additional mapping resources.

Aerial Maps
Non-Aerial Maps
$1.00 per report, up to 10 pages; .10¢ each additional page
Property Record Cards
First card free; $1.00 for each additional card
Special Projects & Digital Information
Depends on scope or complexity of request—work is done at an hourly rate.

Contact Land Records for details.

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