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Tax Foreclosure Sales

North Carolina does not sell Tax Liens or Tax Certificates over the counter.

A tax foreclosure is a collection method of last resort and is used only if there is no response from the taxpayer following collection actions or if the taxpayer does not follow through with an agreed upon payment arrangement made with the Tax Collections Department. A tax foreclosure can begin at any date after January 5th of the current year that is being collected.

NOTICE: The foreclosure list is provided as a courtesy only. All official bids are held at the Clerk of Courts Office. To place a bid or for additional information, you may call them at 828-259-3400.

Current Tax Foreclosure Sales

NOTICE: To view a mapped display of current tax foreclosure sales in buncombe county, we recommend visiting this page on a desktop computer.

Two ways Tax Foreclosure Sales are processed

  1. In-Rem Foreclosures
    The Tax Department and the County Attorney’s office will handle all aspects of the foreclosure proceedings. — NC General Statute §105-375
  2. Mortgage Style
    The County will refer the account to an outside attorney who will handle all aspects of the foreclosure proceedings. The tax liens on real property in North Carolina are subject to foreclosure in a manner similar to bank foreclosures. — NC General Statute §105-374

NOTE: Information regarding Buncombe County Tax Records is published to the web.
Parcel information regarding foreclosures can also be found using Buncombe County Tax Lookup.

Helpful information regarding Tax Foreclosures

Notice of Sale

All sales will be advertised in a newspaper that meets the requirements of general circulation as required, prior to the sale date. Additional information may be posted to the County's website to assist with advertising the sale and opening bid.

Location on Sale

Foreclosure sales will be handled by a public auction on the front steps of the county courthouse scheduled at the discretion of the assigned commissioner conducting the sale. Sales will be made to the last and highest bidder and each property will be sold "as is" and without warranty. Each sale may be subject to further outstanding taxes and any local improvement assessments against the property not included in the judgment.

Bidding on an auctioned property

You can bid on any property by attending the sale on the courthouse steps the day the sale is to take place. The price for each property has an Estimated Opening Bid set prior to the date of the sale. This is the approximate amount required for the opening bid. The person conducting the sale will announce the actual opening bid for each property at the time of sale. A deposit of up to 20% percent of the bid will be required following the sale, and the balance of the price bid must be paid at the end of the 10-day period and confirmation of the sale.

Upset Bid process

A person interested in making an increased bid should go to the Office of the Clerk of Superior Court on the first floor of the Buncombe County Courthouse. The increased bid must exceed the current bid by 5% percent or $750 whichever is greater. To make an increased bid a deposit of 5% percent of the amount of the new high bid, or a minimum of $750, must be delivered to the Clerk of Superior Court by cash or certified check or cashier's check satisfactory to the Clerk.

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