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Let's Talk.

Buncombe County wants an open line of communication to give you a voice in how your government runs. We want to hear from you because we are fully committed to making sure your county government is responsive to your needs, concerns, and ideas. Our promise is to listen, learn and serve you to the best of our ability.

You can call and leave a message at (828) 250-4066, email us at or fill out the form below. Your questions, concerns and comments will be responded to in a timely manner.

Questions & Answers

We asked you to talk to us and you’ve provided the County with informative feedback and inquisitive questions. We’ve been responding individually to these questions, but we thought we’d also share some of the more common inquiries in hopes of providing valuable information you might be in search of. If you don’t see an answer to your particular question please feel free to reach out or try the other useful resources listed here. Thank you for engaging with your local government.

Steps Taken

Listed below is a summary of steps we’ve taken recently to ensure proper limits and controls. This summary is not exhaustive, but we hope you’ll agree it’s a start. Please take a few minutes to review these actions and then we hope to hear from you.

We Work for You!

Our New “Dashboard” Gives You Access to Our Activities

  • Organized for simple searches to examine:
    • County debt levels and affordability
    • New capital projects planner
    • County budget
    • Staff salaries and benefits
    • Links to the County Board meeting minutes and Board approval
  • Addresses current Freedom of Information Requests through a single web portal
    • See Freedom of Information requests
    • Review frequently asked question and responses
  • Review upcoming proposed County Board actions which require two-week notice and description of the proposed changes
  • Review proposed policy changes which are highlighted to make it easy to see the suggested changes

Creating Open Lines of Communication With You and With Our Staff

  • Establishing the role of Public Information Officer using current County staff
  • Responding to all Freedom of Information requests in a timely and complete manner
  • Initiating a “Speak Up” campaign to promote the “No Retaliation” polices and an Employee Protection Hotline
  • Bringing back our regular weekly County senior leadership and monthly management team meetings and including all department leaders in policy/budget decisions
  • Holding staff “drop ins” with County Manager on a regular basis and on an issue-specific basis

Enhanced Board Oversight

Our Elected County Board of Commissioners Puts Your Interests First

  • Limits spending and authority of the County Manager
  • Appoints the County Chief Financial Officer with a direct reporting line to the Board
  • Delineates authority and roles of County Manager and Chief Financial Officer
  • Evaluates the performance of the appointed positions of County Manager, Clerk to the Board and Chief Financial Officer and annually reviews their contract
  • Clarifies that only a public, majority vote of the Board can authorize funding for Economic or Community Development
  • Delineates purpose of Personnel and Budget Ordinances and restricts one from altering the other
  • Conducts the required public hearings as part of the budget process with all segments being recorded
  • Requires public notice and public hearing to change the Personnel Ordinance
  • Replaces any previous “Chairman Discretion” provisions in the Personnel Ordinance with a public vote of the majority of the County Board

The Audit Committee Reports Straight to the County Board

Recent Changes Elevate the Audit Process As it Should Be!

  • Strengthens the Charter and Bylaws
  • Strengthens the membership of the County Audit Committee
  • Clarifies the reporting line of Internal Auditor with access to the Board
  • Ensures the Internal Auditor cannot be hired, fired or disciplined without consultation with the Audit Committee
  • Gives the Audit Committee the responsibility of approving the annual Internal Audit Plan and reporting annually to the County Board
  • Educates employees that everyone has a responsibility to ensure good controls and practices are followed (COSO standard)
  • Establishes the Internal Auditor as the central point for all Whistle-blower complaints

Improving Protections for County Staff

Our Employees are the Heartbeat of Buncombe County Government

  • Revising the County Personnel Ordinance to address roadblocks to communication between the Commissioners and staff, establishing an Employee Protection Hotline and a No Retaliation Policy, addressing nepotism, capping bonuses at $1,000 and reporting them publicly, among other steps
  • Establishing best practices to ensure consistency across departments in hiring, termination and disciplinary actions and providing ongoing supervisory training
  • Focusing HR efforts on diversity and inclusion

Keeping Close Watch on Your County Dollars

Accountability and Oversight

  • Any dual pay/roles for Assistant County Managers and the CFO were eliminated July 1. These two actions resulted in 28.7% and 11.1% salary reductions
  • Eliminated contracts outside those specific to the 3 employees who serve at-will and are appointed by Commissioners
  • The Board reduced the County Manager’s salary by 13% or $31,543. This places the salary below the average of the 10 urban counties
  • The current County Manager reduced the County Manager’s budget by 29%
  • Makes it easier for you to see changes in the County Budget
  • Positions the Chief Financial Officer over the County Manager’s budget
  • Opens the budget process to greater public accountability
  • Monthly work sessions from November-June are public; sessions are open and recorded.
  • Budget summaries are published
  • Commissioners receive a line item budget
  • Provides a link to minutes approving budget actions
  • Realigns current County staff to establish a Performance Management Team that provides ongoing fiscal and programmatic monitoring

Department Directory

Are you looking to contact a department directly, search our directory.

Table: Departments
Department Email Phone Number
Administration Email: Clerk to the Board Clerk to the Board
(828) 250-4105
Email: Commissioners Commissioners
(828) 250-4001
Email: Interim County Manager Interim County Manager
(828) 250-4100
Email: County Attorney County Attorney
(828) 250-4115
Budget Email: Budget (828) 250-4148
Buncombe County TV Email: Buncombe County TV (828) 250-4124
Bureau of Identification Email: Bureau of Identification (828) 250-4661
Clerk of Superior Court   (828) 259-3400
Communications Email: Communications (828) 250-4119
Election Services Email: Election Services (828) 250-4200
Emergency Services Email: Emergency Services (828) 250-6650
Finance Email: Finance (828) 250-4130
Geographic Information Systems Email: Geographic Information Systems (828) 250-6860
Health & Human Services Email: Health & Human Services (828) 250-5500
Human Resources Email: Human Resources (828) 250-4166
Libraries Email: Libraries (828) 250-4700
NC Cooperative Extension Email: NC Cooperative Extensions (828) 255-5522
NCWorks Career Center Asheville (828) 251-6200
Parks & Recreation Email: Parks & Recreation (828) 250-4260
Permits & Inspections Email: Permits & Inspections (828) 250-5360
Planning and Development Email: Planning and Development (828) 250-4830
Public Assistance Email: Public Assistance (828) 250-5500
Public Health Email: Public Health (828) 250-5000
Purchasing Email: Purchasing (828) 250-4800
Register of Deeds Email: Register of Deeds (828) 250-4300
Sheriff's Department Email: Sheriff's Department (828) 250-6670
Social Work Services Email: Social Work Services (828) 250-5500
Soil & Water Conservation Email: Soil and Water Conservation (828) 250-4785
Solid Waste Email: Solid Waste (828) 250-5460
Sustainability Office Email: Sustainability Office (828) 250-4976
Tax Assessment (828) 250-4920
Tax Collections (828) 250-4910
Transportation Email: Transportation (828) 250-6750
Veterans Services Email: Veterans Services (828) 250-5726
WNC Regional Air Quality Email: WNC Regional Air Quality (828) 250-6777