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Age Friendly Buncombe County

Age-friendly Buncombe was established in 2017 when the County joined the World Health Organization and AARP’s Network of Age-friendly Communities. This action was a major step toward the Aging Plan goal of increasing the age-friendly capability of Buncombe County.

Age-friendly Buncombe is a big tent, bringing together community collaborations, committees, and working groups committed to the following Common Agenda: Older Adults in Buncombe County are Safe, Well, and Engaged in their Community.

Over sixty nonprofit organizations, business, governmental departments and other partners, as well as many older adult volunteers, participate in the committees and working groups affiliated with Age-friendly Buncombe.

County Resolution to Join the WHO/AARP Network of Age-friendly Communities


Age-friendly Buncombe Affiliated Committees and Working Groups

New! Age-friendly Buncombe Advisory Group

For more information please email Age-Friendly Buncombe County.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Promote the Age-friendly Buncombe common agenda and related activities.
  • Support work on Age-friendly Buncombe goals and objectives.
  • Connect Age-friendly Buncombe with relevant work in the community.
  • Evaluate available data and other sources of information to understand the existing, emerging and changing needs and opportunities for an Age-friendly Buncombe.
  • Produce an Annual Report for Age-friendly Buncombe.

The Agin Plan

The Age-friendly Buncombe Plan 2021-22 Update reflects the current work underway in our community.