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Services for Children & Family

Families in Buncombe County come in many shapes and sizes. And each one is unique with its own set of strengths and needs. Health & Human Services supports families and children with a number of programs to help bring stability to daily life.

How You Can Help

There are steps all of us can take to connect with and provide for young people in foster care that are still waiting to be adopted. That may look like buying extra holiday gifts for kids in foster care, participating as a Community Resource Volunteer, volunteering as a Guardian Ad Litem, donating to a college fund for foster youth, or maybe even becoming a foster or adoptive parent.

Buncombe County Social Work Staff work with other professionals in the field to review the work our social workers do with children who are in protective custody. We invite these professionals to act as a check on the work that we do, ensuring we stay true to the mandate and scope of our work while reflecting the values of our community.

We need volunteers from the community to be a part of the case review process as these teams review elements of a child's placement in foster care and the plan for the child’s future. A community volunteer, who has no direct responsibilities to the child or the case, strengthens our ability to make unbiased decisions. The feedback from someone outside of the service agencies or family allows for a different perspective, which can offer a range of good options to support the child and family. Cases are reviewed during a Child Family Team meeting or CFT. Each child will have up to four CFT meetings a year. The CFT meeting includes parents, children, foster parents, Guardian Ad Litem, a community volunteer and other caregivers. This team works together to build a safety plan for the child's future. The meetings have a clear but open-ended purpose and offer an opportunity for the family to be involved in decision-making and planning. Results of the CFT can be a specific safety or permanency plan for the child that may include services or supports needed for the child and family. We often hear from parents that they appreciated the support of the social worker while they worked to overcome the issues that were keeping them from being the best parent that they could be. As a community volunteer, you have the same opportunity to support children and parents.

An initial, one-time 3-hour training is required to educate volunteers on the overall child welfare process and to ensure that volunteers are aware of their role on the Agency Review Teams including the strict need for confidentiality.

Click Community Volunteer to register for volunteer training – lunch will be provided.


Grandfamilies are headed by grandparents and other family members (siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins and close family friends) that raise children in the family when birth parents are unable or unwilling to parent.

You can make a tax-deductible donation to this program through our non-profit partner, Buncombe Service Foundation.