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Services for Adults

Supporting the economic opportunities of adults in Buncombe County effects more than just that individual. It impacts the families they support; the caregiver who aids them when they are unable to care for themselves and even the economic wellbeing of the community in which they live. The services listed below can have a significant role in the self-sufficiency of citizens in our region.


  • Medicaid for Adults
    Medicaid is a health insurance program for those whose income is below the amounts set by the federal and state government.
  • Medicaid for Age 65+, Blind and Disabled
    If you are over 65, blind or disabled, the income limit to receive Medicaid is equal to 100% of the poverty level. There is a limit on resources.
  • Long Term Care
    Medicaid pays for medically necessary nursing home care for patients in skilled or intermediate care nursing homes or in intermediate care facilities for people with developmental disabilities.
  • Medicare-Aid
    Individuals who have Medicare coverage may be eligible to have their Medicare premiums paid by Medicaid if their income is between 100% and 135% of the poverty level.