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Ordinances Administered

Adult Establishments

Establishes permit and licensing requirements for adult entertainment establishments within the jurisdiction of the County.

Contact: Debbie Truempy
(828) 250-4842

Farmland Preservation

Establishes program to encourage the voluntary preservation and protection of farmland from non-farm development. Further information is available by contacting Buncombe County Soil and Water Conservation District, 155 Hilliard Ave., Asheville, NC 28801, 828-250-4785.

Contact: Debbie Truempy
(828) 250-4842


Establishes zoning requirements for land uses within Buncombe County

Contact: Debbie Truempy, Zoning Administrator
(828) 250-4830

Junk Cars

“The definition of a junk vehicle is one that does not display a North Carolina license plate, cannot be self-propelled in the manner in which it was originally intended to, or has been wrecked and dismantled,”

Buncombe County Government is well aware of the problems junk vehicles can cause. On April 15, 1998, the Buncombe County Commissioners passed an ordinance that regulates abandoned and junked motor vehicles in Buncombe County.

Junk Yards

Requires registration and permitting of automobile graveyards or junkyards by owners, operators or maintainers within the jurisdiction of the County.

Contact: Savannah Gibson
(828) 250-4828
Savannah Gibson

Land Development and Subdivision

Establishes procedures and standards for the subdivision of land within the jurisdiction of the County.

Contact: Gillian Phillips
(828) 250-4852

Manufactured Homes and Parks

Provides standards, restrictions and permit requirements for manufactured homes and manufactured home parks.

Contact: Debbie Truempy
(828) 250-4842

Off-Premise Signs

Provides standards and restrictions for off-premise signs and regulates the erection and placement of such signs in unincorporated areas of the County.

Contact: Debbie Truempy
(828) 250-4842

Retaining Walls

The Board of Commissioners has adopted an ordinance to regulate the construction of retaining walls providing a cumulative vertical relief of greater than ten feet.  The Retaining Wall Ordinance addresses standards for terracing, safety barriers, landscaping, engineer certification, and with large walls, the enabling of long term monitoring.  Concurrent with application for a building permit, applicants will need to apply for and obtain a Retaining Wall Ordinance Certificate of Compliance.  This will require an initial site plan review by Planning Department staff.  Once the plan is approved and a building permit has been obtained, construction may begin on the wall or wall system.  Prior to obtaining a certificate of completion, the applicant must provide all required documentation and have placed any required landscaping and/or safety barriers.

Retaining Wall Ordinance of Buncombe County (as adopted June 21, 2011)


  • Application for Retaining Wall Ordinance Certificate of Compliance (coming soon)

Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control

Regulates certain land disturbing activities to control accelerated erosion and sedimentation, in order to prevent the pollution of water and other damage to lakes, water courses and other public and private property by sedimentation. Requires permits for land disturbing activities of one acre or more and for ¼ acre and ½ acre or more disturbance as described in Chapter 70, Subdivisions, sec. 70-68 and Chapter 26 sec. 26-211 of the Erosion Control Ordinance.   Applies to all areas of the County except for the City of Asheville.

Doug Sharp
Erosion Control Officer

William J. Guess
Erosion Control Technician

Phone: (828) 250-4833

Street Names and Street Addresses

Establishes procedures and requirements for street names and street addresses and for the display of street address numbers.

Contact: Mila White
(828) 250-4846

Telecommunications Towers

Provides restrictions and permit requirements for the erection of any telecommunications towers in unincorporated areas of the County.

Contact: Gillian Phillips
(828) 250-4852


Establishes standards and regulations for development and subdivision of property in public water supply watersheds.

Contact: Debbie Truempy
(828) 250-4842

Flood Damage Prevention

Regulates and restricts development within the 100-year floodplain.



Cynthia Fox-Clark
(828) 250-4836