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Building a resilient community free from domestic and sexual violence.

The Family Justice Center (FJC) is a safe place where victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and elder abuse can come for help. At the Buncombe County Family Justice Center survivors can access many different services in one location and begin their journey towards hope, healing and safety.
Family Justice Center Logo You do not have to walk this path alone.

The Family Justice Center is made up of community partners in Buncombe County that can help you begin your journey to hope and healing.

  • Help from experts that can help you figure out how find safety and how to move forward
  • Law enforcement officials to help you with possible criminal charges, gather evidence and information on how the criminal court process works.
  • Legal services with on-site attorneys and legal assistants to help you understand your legal rights and protections and help you navigate the judicial system.
  • Forensic medical exams by a specially trained nurse to exam and document the extent of your injuries.
  • Assistance with creating a safety plan for you and your family.
  • Emotional support, counseling and case managers that can support you in healing from the emotional impacts of violence.

FJC Survivor Stories
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  • If you are in immediate danger, call 911!

Parking for Family Justice Center visitors is available in the parking lot of 35 Woodfin St. There is also parking available in the Buncombe County parking garage. The entrance to the parking garage is on College St. If you need an escort from your vehicle please call the Family Justice Center and we can arrange it.


The Buncombe County Family Justice Center observes holidays according to Buncombe County's holiday schedule. If Buncombe County is closed due to a holiday the FJC will be closed to the public. FJC Partner Agencies may have different holiday schedules. If partner agencies are closed due to a holiday, those client services may not be available at the FJC.


The FJC follows the Buncombe County Government inclement weather schedule; therefore, if Buncombe County Government is closed due to weather-related travel issues, the FJC will be closed to the public. FJC partner agencies may have differing policies regarding inclement weather. If partner agencies are closed due to weather related travel issues, those client services may not be available at the FJC.


When the Family Justice Center is closed you can contact the 24 hour hotlines at these agencies:

Family Justice Center Logo Frequently Asked Questions

A Family Justice Center is a centralized location where victims of domestic and sexual violence can access coordinated support from several different partner agencies including law enforcement, non-profit service providers, health care providers and government services. The Buncombe County Family Justice Center is a collaborative effort of many community partners. All services provided at the Family Justice Center are provided directly by partner agencies.

The Family Justice Center approach is based on the Alliance for Hope International Model and was started in San Diego in 2002. Family Justice Centers have been identified as a best practice in preventing domestic violence by the US Department of Justice. More information about the Family Justice Center Model is available here:

Domestic and sexual violence impact the safety and wellbeing of our community. In 2015, a mapping of our community revealed that within the three days following an assault, a survivor of domestic violence had to fill out 61 different forms, tell their story to 21 different people, visit 8 different places, and navigate many other barriers to get the help that they needed. See Sophia's Journey to learn more about the hurdles that survivors face when trying to get help. Many survivors express confusion about “where to start” to access help.

Results from communities where Family Justice Centers have been created include eliminating duplication, increasing arrest and prosecutions of offenders, reducing fear and anxiety for victims, increasing victim safety and ultimately reducing violence. Domestic and sexual violence will not be tolerated in Buncombe County. We stand with victims and want them to get the help and support they deserve during their journey towards healing. We say eNOugh to domestic and sexual violence in Buncombe County and aim to get the message out far and wide that it will not be tolerated in Buncombe County.

Many partners, one location. At the Family Justice Center services are provided by different partner agencies. The Family Justice Center is one location where you can access services from different organizations and agencies.

The Buncombe County Family Justice Center is located in the Social Services building at 35 Woodfin. When you enter the main lobby please check in at the reception desk.

If you do not have an appointment, an Intake Specialist from either Helpmate or Our VOICE will meet with you in one of our client dens. In order to better serve you, our Intake Specialists can gather certain information from you and help you understand the services available at the Family Justice Center. Intake Specialists help you decide what services you would like to access at the FJC and can connect you with other service providers.

If you have an appointment with a service provider, that provider will escort you back to their offices within the FJC for your meeting.

You do not have to have an appointment. We are open 8am – 5pm, Monday – Friday and walk-ins are welcome during those hours. If you would prefer to make an appointment, please call 828-250-6900.

The partner agencies at the Buncombe County Family Justice Center are committed to your safety, security and healing.

Intake Specialists at the Family Justice Center work with either Helpmate or Our VOICE. The information that you share with the Intake Specialist will be accessible by Helpmate and Our VOICE but will not be shared with any other organization within the Family Justice Center without your permission.

If you choose, your Intake Specialist can share the information you have provided them with any other partner agencies you choose. It is okay if you don’t want to share everything, or any part of what you say. You will still be able to get other services, even if you ask not to share any of your information.

There are some things that all people in North Carolina are required to report even if you don’t give permission to report them. Those things are suspected child abuse or neglect or suspected abuse or neglect of an elderly or disabled adult.

Each partner agency in the Family Justice Center has different requirements about what information they must keep confidential and what information must be shared. Your Intake Specialist can help you understand these requirements. When you meet with a partner agency in the FJC they can help you understand your rights regarding your information.

Yes, we have a small children’s den where children can stay while there parent is receiving services at the Family Justice Center. We have staff and/or volunteers onsite who can supervise your child in the children’s den. Our children’s den is small so if you have other child care options available to you please consider using those options for your visit to the FJC.

If you are concerned for your child’s safety, your child has witnessed domestic violence or has experienced child abuse or neglect contact Child Protective Services at 828-250-5800.

The Mountain Child Advocacy Center provides therapy and family advocacy services at the Family Justice Center. Medical exams of children are provided at the Mountain Child Advocacy Center location at the Mission Reuter’s Children’s Hospital.

At the Family Justice Center, services are provided for victims. However, there are services in the community available for people who are violent and want to stop. The SPARC Foundation provides a Batterers Intervention Program and other supports for people who are choosing to use violence in their relationships You can learn more about those programs at or by calling (828)552-3771.

The Buncombe County Family Justice Center welcomes community members, service providers and those interested in learning more about the Family Justice Center to visit.

Regularly scheduled FJC Tours are offered monthly. To minimize interruption to partner agencies and to protect client confidentiality and comfort, most visitors interested in learning more about the FJC will be invited to attend one of these tours. Please contact us at to reserve your spot in a tour.

If unique circumstances prohibit visitors from attending one of these tours, a tour may be scheduled at an alternate time. All community member tours must be scheduled in advance.

What medical services are available onsite?

Mission Health Forensic Nurse Examiners are specially trained to provide comprehensive care for victims of sexual assault/abuse and domestic/intimate partner violence. A forensic nurse is available at the Family Justice Center to provide care for the following services.

  • Offer confidential services.
  • Evaluate each client’s pregnancy risk and help prevent sexually transmitted diseases and infections.
  • Written and photographic documentation of evidence and injuries if present.
  • Assistance with safety planning and provide access to additional resources.
  • Photographic documentation of injuries due to physical assault.