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Environmental Control

Performs investigative and enforcement work in the prevention of illegal or improper trash and refuse handling and solid waste disposal.

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Mixed Loads

Solid Waste is working to increase recycling and waste diversion initiatives to extend the life of the landfill while keeping valuable materials and commodities in circulation with recycling markets available for numerous materials. The mixed load ordinance makes clear that violations of sorting requirements are intended to encourage haulers to separate recycling from their waste loads, divert waste, and extend the life of the landfill. A double base tip fee for loads containing 5% by weight or volume will be imposed on the following recyclable materials:

  • corrugated cardboard
  • untreated wood products suitable for mulching*
  • clean concrete, cinderblocks, brick, asphalt, concrete with steel*
  • any type of metals

* indicates material only accepted at the landfill. All other materials will be accepted at both the transfer station and landfill. To download the brochure of mixed load information and how to dispose of certain recyclables in Buncombe County, please see this guide.

Charges for dumping:

Commercial haulers, cars, pickups, or vehicles with trailers:

Less than 5% of the referenced recyclables

Base Tip Fee in approved fee schedule

First violation above 5% limit

Double Base Tip Fee in approved fee schedule

Second violation or subsequent within 6 months

Triple Base Tip Fee in approved fee schedule

Timeline for implementation:
Timeline for new solid waste dump fee implementation

Illustration of white pickup truck with cargo secured by tarp

Do you make sure to cover and secure your load before visiting the Buncombe County transfer station or landfill? Then you might be a Load Warrior!

When material escapes your vehicle because your load isn’t secure, you’re not only littering, but you’re also endangering other drivers. North Carolina State law Section 1. G.S. 14-399 states that “When litter is scattered, spilled, or placed from a vehicle or watercraft, the operator thereof shall be presumed to have committed this offense”. It is illegal in North Carolina to haul an improperly secure load. Penalties for littering include up to a $2,000 fine, community service work, and one point on your driver’s license upon conviction. The state also observes National Secure Your Load Day, which is June 6.

But securing your load is an important practice 365 days a year. Buncombe County Solid Waste is excited to launch the “Load Warrior” campaign, which encourages residents to secure their loads when visiting the Buncombe County transfer station or landfill.

For more information on disposal locations, hours, and fees, please visit out Landfill and Transfer Station pages. Think an item you want to dispose of may be recyclable? Check out this recycling brochure for guidance!

Securing your load is an important safety issue and is enforceable by law. It’s also a great way to keep Buncombe County roads clean and our streams trash-free!

Let’s all be Load Warriors, for our people and our mountains!

As of July 1, 2023, Buncombe County has passed an ordinance that requires vehicles entering the landfill and transfer station to have secured, covered loads. Violations of the requirement include fines:
Violations of the requirement to cover/secure incoming load:
Cars, pickups, and trailers $10
Commercial & all other $25

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Environmental Control

Kim Spillars
P: (828) 250-5470

Justin Stewart
P: (828) 250-5470

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