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Adult & Child Intake

Our intake Social Worker has information not only about Health & Human Services but also services provided by other agencies.

Intake Services include:

  • Receives reports of suspected abuse, neglect and dependency of minor children
  • Receives reports of suspected abuse, neglect or exploitation of adults with disability
  • Receives complaints regarding Adult Care Homes
  • Receives referrals for Guardianship Assessment Services
  • Receives referrals for Adult Placement Services
  • Receives and directs inquiries for unclaimed bodies
  • Provides resource and referral information for community services when appropriate; for example, mental health services, Eblen Charities, affordable housing, Council on Aging, Community Alternatives Program, In-Home Aide Services, Adult Daycare Services, Guardianship, Payee, etc.
  • Makes reports or directs people to law enforcement when appropriate

How are services paid for?

No charge for this service.

Representative Payee

A Representative Payee assists individuals with the management of Social Security and SSI benefits when those individuals are unable to manage their resources and have no one else willing or capable to assist them. Social Security and the individual's doctor determine if he or she is not able to manage their finances.

Representative Payee services are provide by Financial Security Solutions. There is a fee of $44 per month for these services. For more information, call (828) 772-1083.