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Foster Parenting

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Buncombe County's Foster Care Program provides safe, temporary care for children who have been removed from their home for safety reasons by a court order.

Staff in the Foster Care Licensing Unit work to educate, license and guide people through the process of completing the necessary requirements to foster children in the State of North Carolina. They also coordinate ongoing educational opportunities and create a supportive environment for current foster parents.

Our Licensing Unit strives for excellence through responsive customer service and individualized ongoing support for those that go the extra mile for kids. Our ultimate goal is to secure and support a safe and quality foster or adoptive home for children in foster care in Buncombe County.

A foster parent is someone who is licensed to provide a safe and supportive temporary home for children in protective custody.

A child in foster care is placed there by a judge who has deemed that it is unsafe for them to live with their birthparents. Children in foster care come from many different backgrounds, and are composed of many different ages, races, cultures, and religions. These children do not ask to be removed from their home, their community, or their family.

Becoming a foster parent is an incredibly rewarding and important calling. The challenges can be big, but the rewards are even bigger. Being a foster parent is something that you CAN do for a kid.

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You can make a tax-deductible donation to this program through our non-profit partner, Buncombe Service Foundation.

2018 Training Schedule

Notice: There are no scheduled trainings at this time.