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Adult Day Care

Adult Day Care is the provision of an organized program of services during the day in a community group setting for the purpose of supporting adults personal independence and promoting their social, physical and emotional well being. The Adult Day Care programs in Buncombe County are licensed by the NC Division of Aging and Services for Adults and monitored by the local Social Service Agency.

Buncombe County Social Work Services provides an Adult Service Social Worker who case manages participants with developmental disabilities at the Irene Wortham Day Care, as well as elderly and/or disabled participants at DayStay Adult Day Services and MountainCare. These participants receive funding from the STATE ADULT DAY CARE FUND to pay for their participation at the Day Care.

Adult Day Care Services include

  • Initial assessment to determine eligibility
  • Develop service plan
  • Complete cost sharing form
  • Quarterly contacts
  • Yearly reassessments

Appointment Procedure

If you have questions regarding the above service please call the Adult Service Intake line at 250-5800.

What to bring with you

Social Security Card
Income Verification

How are services paid for?

State funds and Cost Sharing contributions from participants.