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In Layman's Terms: What the Property Listing Period Means for You

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There’s a good chance you’ve seen the legal notice Buncombe County is required to annually post in various outlets and thought, “That sure seems like lots of legal gibberish.” We understand nobody talks like that and it’s not an easily accessible document. Below you’ll find the plain-language information you need about: 

  • The different types of property listings (personal, business, and rental) 
  • Examples of personal, business, and rental items 
  • Links to all three listing forms 
  • The deadline for submitting property listings 
  • How to get assistance with the listing process 
  • What is a property listing period? 

Simply put, every year certain property needs to be reported to the County’s Property Assessment department. This is a state requirement and Buncombe County cannot change the process, requirements, deadline, etc. 

If you own your home or a tagged vehicle (except International Registered Plate vehicles & permanently tagged trailers-see more about those below), they are already taxed and you do not need to list them. However, you might not be aware of some of the items that need to be listed.  

Property listings are required for three categories (find more details and examples below): 

  1. Personal property 
  2. Business personal property 
  3. Rental property 

The deadline to submit your property listing is Jan. 31, 2024. 

Examples of personal property 

Personal property spans a variety of items outside of traditional homes and cars, like recreational vehicles. You can download a personal property listing form here. For additional information and a tutorial video, click here

  • Home improvements or additions (e.g. renovations made to buildings with or without permits, new and replaced decks, additional finished and/or unfinished square footage added, home demolition, etc...) 
  • Untagged vehicles 
  • International Registered Plate vehicles 
  • Permanently tagged trailers 
  • Boats, jet skis, and other recreational vehicles  
  • Rental properties 
  • Farm machinery used for income purposes 
  • Aircraft 

Examples of business personal property 

It might seem counterintuitive, but business personal property is taxable even if you do not own it. That means if you own, lease, rent, loan, or have any other equipment used in your business, it is subject to listing. 

You can download a business property listing form here. For additional information and tutorial videos, click here

  • Equipment 
  • Furniture 
  • Computers 
  • Improvements to leased property (e.g. any changes relating to running that specific business-this can be almost anything from completely renovating property to changing the flooring) 
  • Supplies 
  • Expensed assets 
  • Vehicles registered with an IRP plate 
  • Aircraft 
  • ATVs 

Examples of rental property 

If you own any property that you rent either long- or short-term, you will need to fill out the rental property listing form and include all furnishings.  

You can download a rental property listing form here.  

  • Furniture 
  • Appliances 
  • Housewares,  
  • Kitchen supplies 
  • Linens 
  • Decorations  
  • Recreational equipment 
  • Anything the owner supplies for guests to use   

Deadline and extensions 

The deadline for all property listings is Jan. 31, 2024. If you need an extension, it must be requested by Jan. 31, 2024.  

For existing businesses go to:   

For new businesses and those listing for the first time, email:

Please note: Extensions cannot be granted past March 15, 2024. 

Tax relief

Buncombe County has tax relief programs for the elderly, disabled, veterans, and more. To learn more visit, call (828) 250-4915 or email

Need help? Get in touch.

Still confused about what you should list or have other questions? We are here to help. Feel free to reach out to the Buncombe County Assessment Division at (828) 250-4920, email or You can find additional information, forms, and instructions at

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