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Road Mapping & Addressing

Roads in Buncombe County

All roads in Buncombe County are either maintained by a municipality, maintained by the State of North Carolina, or are private roads. No roads are maintained by Buncombe County. Problems with roads should be addressed to either the North Carolina Department of Transportation or the municipality in which the road is located.

Signs for Roads in Buncombe County

Questions regarding signs for roads located outside a municipality in Buncombe County should be addressed to Emergency Services at (828) 250-6650.

Street Addressing

In accordance with county policy and to enable a better emergency response, the addressing office will provide a street address for new construction, for previously existing structures which have not had a physical street address assigned, and for the naming of new roads and private drives. Please call 250-4830 for more information.

Land Records / Mapping

The Buncombe County Land Records Office maintains and updates the property ownership maps for Buncombe County.

Register of Deeds

Buncombe County’s Register of Deeds’ Office maintains the real property index of the county, including deeds, easements, rights of way, and leaseholds; instruments of security such as mortgages and deeds of trust and conditional sales contracts; military service records; records of the office of notaries public and corporate records including charters, amendments and dissolutions, partnership agreements, businesses operating under assumed names and various other records.

Maps Available

The following maps are available from Buncombe County's Planning & Development:

  • 1985 Orthophotos with 5' contour intervals
  • 1985, 1992 Orthophotos (Scale varies by location)
  • 1975, 1968 Aerial Photos (1"=400') $4 Enlargements of United States Geological Surveys (USGS) Quadrangles (1"=400')