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Alertus Button Cover Installation in Progress

Please be aware that in the coming days and weeks, the Safety Officer, IT, and General Services will be working in all county buildings to securely mount Alertus buttons and install Alertus button covers. This is part of a larger effort to ensure that the Alertus buttons are less vulnerable to accidental activation.

To avoid accidental activation during this process, IT will deactivate the Alertus alarm at each site during the installation process. When the cover installation process has been completed, IT will reactivate Alertus at that location.

The button covers are made of thick, rounded plexiglass, which still provides clear access for intentional activation. The installation process includes mounting the buttons to a fixed location, removing unnecessary cords, and installing a cover over the button once it is securely in place. The goal is to standardize the button’s location where possible; however, staff will be working with each department to determine the best location as applicable.

This collaborative installation process will take several weeks with little to no interruption to staff or business operations. While Alertus buttons continue to be rolled out into all County locations, please be aware that the Alertus desktop application is still able to be activated from networked county computers. The process for activating Alertus from your computer will be covered the required safety trainings. 

Pictured below: Alertus button and cover mounted under desk. alertus button with cover

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Updated Feb 27, 2024 11:57 AM
Published Feb 19, 2024 02:00 PM

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