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Open Checkbook

Quick Facts About Open Checkbook

About this data


Some supplier information has been replaced with a generic term to protect someone's privacy or a sensitive area of operations. For example, payments to foster care parents, food assistance, and certain public safety or medical programs have been redacted to protect those individuals privacy.

Below are the replacement terms and a description of what it replaces:

  • Confidential*: Human services program payments (e.g. foster care, adoption, medical services, emergency assistance).
  • Claimant: Payees for self-insurance claims.
  • Election Worker: Temporary workers for an election.
  • Employee: Payments to employees.
  • Inmate: Payments to an inmate.
  • Public Safety: Payments for Sheriff's drug/vice activities, undercover or other confidential operations.

Time Period

The time period represented in the data set is shown at the top of the dashboard.

Field Definitions

  • Date: This is the accounting date for the transaction shown.
  • Transaction ID: This is a record identifier that can help us answer questions you may have. Note that this record ID may have multiple lines per ID number.
  • Cost Center: A financial organizational category similar to a "department" level.
  • Program: A financial organizational category below the Cost Center level, similar to a "division."
  • Ledger Account: These are the natural accounts used to make up the financial statements. Salary and Benefit Ledger Accounts are not reflected in this report. Revenue Ledger Accounts are also not reflected in this report.
  • Spend Category: Operational level detail that maps to an expense ledger account
  • Supplier: This is the payee for the transaction. For Procurement Card transactions this is the charge description from the merchant.
  • Amount: This is the dollar amount recorded.


Public Information Officer

Buncombe County responds to requests for public records in accordance with North Carolina law. We have dedicated Public Information Officers who handle all of these requests making sure that the right person is consulted for the information and that a response is made as timely as possible.

Please use this form to submit your request and provide as much detailed information as possible. This form helps us to clarify precisely what information is being requested. Although most information Buncombe County houses is public and subject to disclosure, some information is considered protected and is not considered public record. For example, we are obligated to protect such things as: sensitive public security information, components of personnel files, tax information, and Social Security numbers. Please be aware that the public records law does not require the County to do research, analyze data, or create a record that does not currently exist.


If you are a member of the media and would like to request an interview or information for a story, please use this form to tell us about your story, who you would like to interview, and any deadline details. Please allow us adequate time to review and facilitate this request.

Public Records Request - Fee Schedule


Katherine Day
P: (828) 250-4119

200 College Street, Suite 300
Asheville, NC 28801

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Public Records & Media Requests