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City/County data tailored to any address within Buncombe County. Closest Pools, Parks, Libraries, Tax Information, and even Crime Incidents all within one application accessible via one search.

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Voting Data Added
July 17, 2017

Find your polling place, district commissioners, and elected representatives now at DISCOVER BUNCOMBE.

March 20, 2017

DISCOVER BUNCOMBE has been launched! Go DISCOVER the data surrounding your address.

Like our projects?

If you are an organization which collects data in Buncombe County, NC and would like to contribute to DISCOVER BUNCOMBE. Please let us know!

Project Happenings

We anticipate adding new site functionalities for quite some time...
Here is a current list of what's happening with DISCOVER BUNCOMBE.

Completed Data Projects
Data Projects in Progress
Data Points
Monthly Pageviews

Current Data Projects in Progress

Unpaid Property Tax Bill Information

Completed Data Projects

So far, here is what we have implemented on DISCOVER BUNCOMBE.


Know who's who?
Find out who your district Commissioners are, what & where your precinct is, and your state elected representatives.

Property Lookup

Know your properties values.
With over 7 data sets currently being presented, property lookup has never been so easy.

City/County/State Park Locator

Love the outdoors?
Search your property by address and instantly locate your nearest park.

City/County Library Locator

Reading your thing?
Search your property address and instantly locate your nearest library.

City/County School Locator

Have children and looking to purchase a home?
Search the property you're interested in purchasing to locate the nearest schools and the districts they are in.

City/County Pool Locator

Buncombe County is hot in the summer!
Search your property address and be lead to the nearest city/county pool to cool off.

Crime Incident Map

You deserve to feel safe!
By searching your address you can now up to a years worth of crime incidents.

Contact & Collaborate

Please take a moment to let us know what you think of DISCOVER BUNCOMBE.

We would like to take a moment to thank Mecklenburg County GIS for supplying this amazing application on GitHub.