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Electronic Plan Submittal has been launched for all permit types. All applications will continue to be submitted in our office, but plans and revisions will be submitted electronically through our Buncombe County Development Portal. Residential Plans must also include the Spec Sheet that is applicable to your project be combined into your plans prior to upload.

4/15/2022 is the last day phone calls will be accepted for inspection requests. Verify you have an active account on our portal and all contact information is correct. Online scheduling must be submitted prior to 11:59 pm for next day inspections. Instructions are available on our web portal.

Permits & Inspections

The Buncombe County Permits & Inspections Department exists to protect the life, safety and welfare of its residents by administering and enforcing the North Carolina State Building Codes as adopted by the Building Code Council.

Buncombe County Permits & Inspections provides building inspections and permitting services for all unincorporated areas of Buncombe County and through contractual agreements, provides these services for the towns of Biltmore Forest, Weaverville and Woodfin.

Building inspections and permitting is a cost-recovery program through user fees and not funded as a direct cost from county-accessed property taxes.

NOTICE: Buncombe County does not maintain data concerning hazardous waste sites within the county. For information on hazardous waste sites contact U.S. EPA Region 4 Superfund Division at 1-800-241-1754 or the Division of Waste Management with the N.C. Department of Environmental and Natural Resources at (919) 508-8400.


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NOTICE:To help ensure landlords in Buncombe County provide fit premises, the Permits & Inspections Department will perform inspections on rental properties when requested by tenant or owner and provide a checklist for compliance with NCGS § 42-42. Please reference the “Request for Rental Inspection” form to request an inspection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Building Permit Required

No person or corporation shall locate, erect, construct, enlarge, alter, repair, demolish or relocate any building, or change the type of occupancy without first obtaining the required permits for the specific work from the Inspections Department having jurisdiction.

Building permits are not required for:

  • Non-structural work where costs is less than $15,000 in any single-family residence.
  • Farm buildings outside the jurisdiction of any municipality.
  • Residential accessory structures where no dimension exceeds 12 feet.
  • The replacement of windows, doors and exterior siding in residential structures.
  • The replacement of pickets, railings, stair treads, and decking of residential porches and exterior decks.

Electrical Permit Required

An electrical permit is required for the installation, extension, alteration, or general repair of any electrical wiring, devices, appliances, or equipment except that in any one or two-family dwelling units a permit shall not be required for repair or replacement of electrical lighting fixtures or devices, such as receptacles and lighting switches having the same voltage and the same or less amperage.

Plumbing Permit Required

A plumbing permit is required for the installation, extension, relocation, replacement or general repair of any plumbing system. Plumbing permits shall not be required for minor repairs or replacements of plumbing fixtures provided such repairs or replacements do not disrupt the original water supply or the waste and ventilation system.

Mechanical / HVAC Permit Required

Mechanical / HVAC permit is required for the installation, extension, relocation, replacement and general repair of any heating, air-conditioning or venting system.

For information about demolition permits contact the Asheville-Buncombe Air Quality Agency at (828) 250-6777.

Permits are obtained by the property owner or owner's agent from the Permits & Inspections Department. The department's operating hours are Monday - Friday, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. For additional options on applications for electrical, mechanical and plumbing please contact our office.

Permits expire six (6) months after the issue date if no work has commenced. Permits also expire when work has started but discontinued for (12) months from the last inspection date.

Any contracted work which exceeds $30,000 per project (Reference NCGS § 87-1).

N. C. State Building Codes can be purchased through the International Code Council.

Click here to download instructions (PDF).

NOTICE: You can get a permit from the Permits & Inspections Department located at 30 Valley Street, Asheville, NC. The department's operating hours are Monday - Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. No permit applications can be processed after 4:00 pm.

For permit fees and other information please contact the Permits & Inspections Department.

Locate & Contact

Permits & Inspections Department


Permits & Inspections
Main Line
P: (828) 250-5360

Permits & Inspections
30 Valley Street
Asheville, NC 28801

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Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

No permit applications or permit fees can be processed after 4:00 p.m.

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