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Environmental & Energy Stewardship

Focus Area

High quality air, water, farmland and renewable energy for future generations.

Goal:Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Rationale: In order to address climate change, Buncombe County adopted resolutions targeted at reducing the County’s carbon emissions as well as implementing the most fiscally and environmentally responsible solutions to reach the goal of 100% renewable energy sources for its operations as well as the community as a whole.


  • Continue commitment to renewable energy plan.
  • Continue commitment to energy efficiency efforts.

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Goal: Preserve Farmland and Environmentally Sensitive Tracts of Land

Rationale: As development continues, and with natural and regulatory restrictions on steep slopes, the pressure to develop prime farmland and environmentally sensitive tracts of land increases. Farmland and environmentally sensitive tracts in the County are important to both the economy as well as the quality of life of our residents. Currently Buncombe County has 1,073 farms, covering a total of 72,284 acres, up just slightly from the previous agricultural census. However, both the count and the number of acres dedicated to agriculture have trended downward since 2006. Losses total approximately 100 farms and 20,000 acres during this timespan.


  • Encourage growth and development activities in areas where appropriate infrastructure is available.
  • Increase education initiatives for farmers.
  • Increase market opportunities for farms.
  • Increase conservation efforts.

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