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Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance (advice and/or planning) on erosion control and water quality issues. Clients are served through visits to our office, phone consultations, and site visits. Agronomists, engineers, soil scientists, and other specialists from a number of local, state, and federal agencies work closely with the District staff to serve our client’s needs. Some of the areas the District assists with are:

    • Soil Erosion
    • Animal Waste Management
    • Stream Bank Stabilization
    • Pond Site Assessments
    • Sedimentation
    • Nutrient Management
    • Plants for Erosion Control
    • Storm Water Control
    • Spring Development
    • Riparian Restoration
    • Private Access Road Layout
    • Urban Erosion Control

If you need assistance on a related project please call (828) 250-4785 and ask for Gary Higgins or Anthony Dowdle.

Technical Assistance Resources: