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Find Affordable Housing Options in Buncombe County with this New Video Tutorial

Thanks to a new video tutorial and detailed written instructions, it is now easier to use the Affordable Housing Map tool to connect your clients or community members to find affordable homes that meet their needs in Buncombe County.

The Affordable Housing Map can be used to search for housing for individuals and families, with a focus on multi-family housing developments. In the map, you can filter for different needs such as housing voucher acceptances, senior housing, accessibility, transit availability, and more. You can then export or share your results with clients searching for a new place to call home.

Before using the map, residents should note their Area Median Income level to see what they qualify for. This can be done by following this table.

If you are ready to start using the tool, watch the Affordable Housing Map Video Tutorial above or read through the instructions in this PDF. Additionally, you can follow this quick guide to get started.

Quick Guide

  • You or the client should calculate their Area Median Income through this calculation table by selecting their household size.
  • Visit the map on the website and select filters based on needs and preferences.
  • To see more information on the results, click on the white arrow at the bottom of the screen which pulls up a customized data table.
  • Because this table is hard to view on a small screen, it is recommended that you download the results by selecting the “Options” button on the left corner of the table and selecting “Export all to CSV” which will download a spreadsheet on your computer or device.
  • This spreadsheet will provide addresses, contact information, pet fees, laundry, utilities, and more.
  • To share the results digitally, save the Excel sheet as a PDF which can be opened on any device, you can also print the results.

Note that this tool is best used on a desktop or laptop. For clients who would like to use the tool but do not have a laptop or desktop, we recommend visiting one of our libraries where they can access computers for free on a first-come basis, and print their results for 25 cents a page.

For any questions about using the map, determining AMI, or more please contact Buncombe County’s Community Development Division at (828)250-4834, or e-mail

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