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Employee Spotlight: Gene Snyder is Recreations Services' Jack-Of-All-Trades

Never meeting a task he couldn’t handle, Gene Snyder brings longevity and a diverse skillset to Buncombe County. As we celebrate Parks and Recreation Month this July, we are highlighting some of our Recreation Services staff. Read Gene’s Q&A to learn more about his long-running history working in our parks system.

Name and position:
Gene Snyder, Seasonal Laborer

How long have you worked for Buncombe County?
I started in 1989. My first day full time was Jan. 8, 1989. Previously, I worked three months as a part-time employee.

What inspired you to work in the Recreation Services industry?
I enjoy the upkeep work at the park, talking with visitors, and meeting different people. I started at the Nature Center back when it was managed by Buncombe County. I have always loved animals and being outdoors.

What’s your favorite thing about working for Recreation Services?My favorite thing about working for Recreation Services is the diverse nature of the work and being able to have a firsthand impact on the parks. I have worked a lot of different positions for Buncombe County and have enjoyed all of them. From building and grounds maintenance, electrical, carpentry, mowing crew, and now part-time for Recreation Services.

What’s a hidden gem in the County’s recreation portfolio?
Things get better every year. We are constantly improving facilities and things we offer. Our new paddleboats are great, and everyone should try it.

For Parks and Recreation month, what would you like people to think of or be aware of?
We are here to help and answer any questions we can. I encourage people to always remember safety wherever they go, in parks or otherwise. Also please know that information is posted regularly for those wanting to stay updated on park information.

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