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Employee Spotlight: Brad Smith's Second Career Blazes New Trail with Recreation Services

You could say Brad Smith had a burning desire to stay active after retiring from a career with a fire department in Florida. July is Parks and Recreation Month, and we’re excited to highlight some of Recreation Services staff. Read Brad’s Q&A to learn more about why he loves working at the Buncombe County Sports Park and what his favorite park feature is.

Name and position:
Brad Smith, Recreation Program Assistant

How long have you worked for Buncombe County?
Part-time for 9 years

What inspired you to work in the Recreation Services industry?
I moved from Florida after I retired from the fire department. Someone mentioned a position open at the Buncombe County Sports Park, applied because I live nearby, it seemed like a great fit, and a chance to use my personal skills. Joining the department, I really enjoyed getting to know everyone at the park.

What’s your favorite thing about working at the Buncombe County Sports Park?
The regulars. There’s no better feeling than being recognized by people who use the park daily and acknowledge our hard work. I really do enjoy knowing everyone in the park; taking time to talk with patrons is truly a joy of working here. Also, there’s nothing better than seeing the kids playing and having a good time.

What’s a hidden gem/best part of the Sports Park?
Everything is really cool, but I especially love the dog park. Letting my dog Jack (pictured above) run around while hearing the laughter of children on the playground is the best. I also really enjoy all the tournaments at the Sports Park. Watching the festivities while also listening to the aeromodeller planes is such a unique experience.

I also love how visitors take pride in the park and enjoy seeing people pick up trash that isn’t theirs, we have some great park stewards! Finally, I like watching the hot air balloons in the morning and have seen two emergency landings in the park.

For Parks and Recreation month, what would you like people to think of or be aware of at the Buncombe County Sports Park?
Please be safe and observant when using the park. A great way to do that is to put down your phone and just enjoy the park and surrounding nature.

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