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Black Mountain Library Helps Anchor the Community

Black Mountain Library

Looking to get into gardening? Well, the Black Mountain Library has its popular Seed Library. And don’t worry if gardening intimidates you, there are free gardening courses, a help hotline, and a smorgasbord of books to boost your agricultural and cooking skills.

Beyond being a resource for quality outdoor activities, the Black Mountain Library has other unique features such as piano you can reserve for playing time, a new overhead projector and sound system that will be used for movie nights, jigsaw puzzles, and more. And with more than 40,000 books, magazines, CDs, DVDs, audiobooks, and other media there’s plenty of options available. There are also a number of other amenities such as:

  • Baby, toddler, and preschool story times.
  • Children’s area.
  • Book clubs.
  • Sowing Circle gardening classes.
  • Books for baking, crocheting, and other creative options for hobbies and how-to materials.
  • Used book sale.
  • Meeting room space.
  • And for more keep an eye on our events calendar.

All of the Black Mountain Library’s resources are aimed at enriching the community’s needs. “It really is a community library. Frequently, our story time families will walk here, walk to a restaurant for lunch, and finish with a visit to the splash pad,” says Librarian Melisa Pressley. And the building has been an iconic part of the town’s landscape for 50 years. “Thanks to the vision of Betty and Bub Tyson and the unbelievable fundraising by the Friends of the Library, Black Mountain was gifted with a new library in 1968,” explains Pressley. “Our Friends of the Library continue to work hard to make the library not only an information center, but also a center for community.” You can learn more about making a difference through Friends of the Library here.

So make sure to stay current on all the events going on at the Black Mountain Library by following its Facebook page. And like all Buncombe County Libraries, your library card is the key to accessing online resources where you can get car repair advice, learn a new language, trace your ancestry and more… all for free!

Buncombe County Libraries have more than just books. Our libraries are community hubs where citizens of all ages can find information, services, and amazing programs. Find a library in your community where you can read, learn, and discover. As a resident in Buncombe County, you are a community owner in our County-run services and programs such as our public libraries and all their amenities. We encourage everyone to take advantage of these County benefits!

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