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Farm Equipment Rentals

BCSWCD has three pieces of agricultural equipment that are available to rent to local farmers.

All equipment must be reserved through the Buncombe Soil & Water Conservation District Office—prior to pickup of any equipment, all rental requirements must be provided to the Soil & Water District office.

Available Equipment

Weed Wiper

The Grass Works™ Weed Wiper can be used to control invasive weeds and small brushy growth in hay and pasture fields, resulting in better stands of grass and higher productivity. The wiper can be towed to the farm using a pickup or SUV then attached to a tractor or ATV for use in the field. Herbicides are pumped from the holding tank and applied using a rotating roller. This application method uses very little herbicide resulting in lower costs for weed control. The unit is 12 feet wide, which will result in fairly quick coverage of a field.

Funded by: TVA Ag & Forestry Fund; NCDA & CS; WNC Communities.

Seed Drill

The Truax™ Flex II No-Till Seed Drill features double disc furrow openers and depth bands to optimize seed placement and seed to soil contact. It has multiple seed boxes allowing it to seed native fluffy seeds, cool season species, small grains, legumes, and wildflowers. Planting can be accomplished as no-till and inter-seeding in most conditions. The District has two of these drills for rental.

Provided by: NC Foundation for Soil & Water Conservation through a Grant from The NC Tobacco Trust Fund.


The Shaver™ Post Driver can be used to improve existing fencing, expand pastures, and add cross fencing for rotations and will reduce labor costs and improve profitability. The post driver is capable of driving up to eight-inch diameter posts and will have a pilot auger to use in adverse ground conditions. Must bring tractor to pick-up site to attach post driver for hauling.

Funded by: TVA Ag & Forestry Fund; NCDA & CS; WNC Communities.

Rental Requirements

  • Proof of Insurance on the towing vehicle
  • Valid North Carolina Driver's License
  • Completed Rental Agreement

Locate & Contact

Soil & Water Conservation District


Anthony Dowdle
P: (828) 250-4785

Soil & Water Conservation
49 Mount Carmel Road, Suite 101
Asheville, NC 28806