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County, Waste Pro Agree to Waive Some Service Fees, Modify Bear Cart Options

You might be eligible for free premium Waste Pro service thanks to modifications to the Waste Pro contract. Based on feedback from subscribers, Buncombe County Commissioners unanimously approved amending two parts of the contract during their meeting on Nov. 5.

Bear-resistant cart options

Previously, the only option for bear-resistant carts was to purchase a cart from Waste Pro for $300. Now there are lease and trade in options available:

  • You can lease a bear-resistant cart from Waste Pro for $9.50/month (this fee is in addition to your service option cost).
  • If you currently have a bear-resistant trash can, certain carts may now be traded in to receive a Waste Pro bear-resistant cart for $5.75/month for five years (this fee is in addition to your service option cost).

Please note, if you wish to take advantage of the qualifying trade-in option, you must notify Waste Pro  at (828) 585-5074 by Tuesday, Dec. 31.

Elderly and low-income discount program

A second contract modification will allow some subscribers to declare eligibility for free premium service upgrade through County funds. (This is a different initiative than Waste Pro’s doctor’s note exemption.) Due to concerns about some subscribers having issues getting carts to the bottom of their driveways, some qualifying subscribers will be exempt from that additional fee. Qualifying subscribers will still be responsible for the base service fee of $19.21. Program eligibility requirements are still being finalized, but staff recommends subscribers verify:

  • I am 65 years of age or older
    • (a) My household income is less than 150% of federal poverty level (proof of income may be required).
    • OR (b) I am a recipient of a federal public assistance program. (Medicaid, food and nutrition services, or utility assistance. Proof of income may be required.)
  • I do not qualify for a free premium service through Waste Pro, which requires a doctor’s note.
  • There is no other able-bodied person residing at this address, and I am unable to take my rollout cart to the pick-up location.

As logistics for this program are confirmed, Waste Pro and the County will work together to notify the public. For additional information or questions, contact the County’s Solid Waste Department at (828) 250-5460.