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Housing and Innovation: Lessons From the Ivory Prize

Earlier this year, the innovative ways the Buncombe County Planning Department is encouraging the growth of affordable housing received recognition at the highest levels of the housing industry. The County’s Affordable Housing Services Program (AHSP) and the Community Oriented Development (COD) element of the zoning ordinance ranked among the nation’s top ten nominations for the Ivory Prize in Housing Affordability.

In November, Planning Director Nathan Pennington was asked to be a part of a housing and innovation symposium with the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies. The symposium focused on overcoming the challenges facing production of middle market housing to meet U.S. demand and featured the finalists from the inaugural Ivory Prize for Housing Affordability. 

The presentations and discussions were designed not only to increase awareness of innovations in housing, but to spur connections and conversations that can advance new, innovative approaches to solving our country’s housing affordability crisis. Watch the entire symposium here. Pennington takes part in the innovations in public policy and regulatory reform session.