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BC Creative Equity Mural Project

Buncombe Creative Equity Mural Project:
Forming a collaborative culture of art

Blank walls – they're everywhere. But in Buncombe County, there's an opportunity for there to be three fewer thanks to the BC Creative Equity Mural Project. "Each day, thousands of people pass by these blank spaces with no connection, no inspiration," said Register of Deeds Drew Reisinger. "With the abundance of incredible talent in our area, there's no reason why these spaces shouldn't be filled with art that reflects the people, places, and values of Buncombe County."

The Buncombe County Creative Equity Mural project selected three artists to bring themes of racial equity, reconciliation, and restoration to three Buncombe walls at the March 21 Board of Commissioners meeting. The project was initially presented by Drew Reisinger to fill a wall on the Register of Deeds building. Buncombe County identified two more spaces and issued a call for submissions in October 2022. A total of 21 applicants were narrowed down to five finalists, with three awards granted based on criteria including artistic reflection of people and place, positive contribution to the community, vendor experience, and project implementation.

Mural locations:

Leslie Reynalte-Llanco
Sketchonic Design
94 Coxe Ave.

The proposed mural site is a wall by the Tax Office on street level, approximately 2,590 square feet in size (185' x 12-15'). There are also five sections between the windows on the building with approximately 55 square feet each (11' x 5').

  • This draft mural concept is to be featured on the Hilliard Street wall, features twelve faces, each representing a member of the Latino community within our society with a quote in the center “Eres un Orgullo Latino” (translating to “You are Latin Pride”).
  • For this project, Leslie is partnering with technical advisors and prominent local mural artists Gus Cutty and Kathryn Crawford, as well as partnering with Arts AVL for fiscal sponsorship.

Jared Wheatley
Indigenous Walls Project
164 College St.

The proposed mural site is the parking deck walls, including a wall on ground level, approximately 385 square feet in size (7' x 55') as well as two walls on levels 2-6 beside the stairs, each approximately 84 square feet in size (12' x 7')

  • You might be familiar with Jared from his work with the Indigenous Walls Project, which works to enhance awareness of indigenous people, history and culture.
  • The draft concept is “Communal Basket” where traditional basket weave patterns and syllabary are implemented on a grand scale to create both a sense of welcoming and awe for Native and the ancestral stewards of Buncombe county.
  • The community engagement component of Jared’s project will involve engagement with the tribal structures within the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians for input on design and syllabary, which is the patterns and language used in the piece.

Gabriel Eng-Goetz
Artist/Designer/Creative Director
205 College St.

The proposed mural site is a wall on the courthouse side of the Register of Deeds building, approximately 1,500 square feet in size (60' x 25')

  • This project features a community engagement process with specific focus on nearby neighborhoods, to inform the specific design.
  • Gabe will be mentoring an artist apprentice, which will be a young person from Buncombe County.

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