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Access the New or Old GIS System

Buncombe County has developed a new GIS website. All the functionality that you are accustomed to is still there with many new features presented in a more user-friendly format. Now you can look up parcel sales data, search on any data layer, perform buffers and then select parcels by that buffer. You also have more options for output. You can print maps at many different sizes as well as export the results of any queries you run to an Excel spreadsheet that can be saved to your computer.

Please note: Our new website works best with Internet Explorer 7, or Firefox 3.

We hope you enjoy our new site. Please contact us at 250-6860 or if you have any questions or need help.

[New GIS Website]

If you would like to continue using the old website for a while it will still be available for the next few weeks. You can access it here:

[Original GIS Website]