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County Targets Deserted Mobile Homes

The County can help you get rid of that old mobile home.Abandoned mobile homes can be an eyesore, blighting the surrounding area. Abandoned mobile homes often become havens for criminal activities or partying youth. Unfortunately, they can also attract curious children, who can be trapped or injured inside.

The North Carolina Association of County Commissioners estimates that there may be as many as 40,000 abandoned mobile homes in the state. Identifying the problems associated with these deserted, dilapidated, and unused mobile homes has been the easy part. Finding a solution has been more challenging. Property owners are oftentimes unable or unsure of how to demolish and dispose of old mobile homes, and few companies specialize in such work. So, once a mobile home is no longer habitable, it is often just left behind to slowly rot away.

To help solve this problem and begin to rid Buncombe County of unused and abandoned mobile homes, Buncombe County Solid Waste is now helping citizens remove unwanted mobile homes in a responsible and nonpolluting manner. The costs to remove the mobile homes are covered by the County. Removal is free to the property owner.

This is a voluntary program, so property owners must request this service. Removal by the County is subject to these conditions:

  • Property owner must have clear ownership of the mobile home and the property where the mobile home is located.
  • This program is offered to private land owners. It is not available to mobile home park owners.
  • The program is intended to be used by persons who are unable to remove the mobile home through their own means. Participants agree that they will not develop or sell their property for a period of at least 12 months following the removal of the mobile home. If development does occur within that time period, the property owner will reimburse the County for the removal of the home, as well as for associated administrative costs.
  • Participants agree to maintain their property following removal of the mobile home.

If you own an unused mobile home or are aware of mobile homes in your area that appear to be abandoned, dilapidated, or unwanted, please contact Roger Presley at the Buncombe County Solid Waste Department at 250-5470.