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Men's Health Week: Recommended Screenings at Every Age

This Men’s Health Week, we want to encourage all men to take care of their physical and mental health and increase awareness of male health issues.

Healthy habits that can be taken today can influence the overall health of boys and men. Prevention, education, and treatment can lead to lifelong wellness.

The Reality
Men ages 15-65 are less likely than women to seek preventive care services and are more likely to report not having a primary care provider.

Make the call now! Get a primary care provider who can review medical, surgical, and family history and recommend screenings based on your age and risks.

Recommended Screenings
Men of different age ranges are encouraged to discuss health concerns with their doctors.

Young Men 18-39

  • Physical Exam: blood pressure, weight, and testicular exams.
  • Metabolic Screening: fasting blood sugar and lipid profile.
  • Vaccines: Consider flu, COVID-19, Hepatitis A/B, HPV, Tdap, and MMR vaccines.
  • STI Screening: Consider HIV, Hepatitis B/C, syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia screenings.
  • Assessment of Risky Behaviors: discuss tobacco, drugs, steroid use, and gun safety.
  • Family Planning: “Pre-conception” counseling and contraception.

Adult Men Over 40

  • Physical Exam: Consider a prostate exam.
  • Metabolic Screening: Get an estimation of cardiovascular risk.
  • Vaccines: HPV (through age 45); the shingles vaccine is recommended for adults over 50.
  • STI Screening: Pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV (PreP) should be discussed.
  • Risky Behaviors: discuss tobacco, drugs, steroid use, and gun safety.
  • Cardiovascular screening: based on risk and symptoms (may include stress testing or coronary artery calcium score).
  • Cancer screening: May include prostate, colon, and lung cancer screening as well as skin exam.
  • Eye exam.

Adult Men Over 65 (In addition to a physical exam and eye exam)

  • Metabolic screening: thyroid function (in some cases).
  • Vaccines: Pneumovax/Prevnar and Shingles.
  • STI screening: based on risk.
  • Cardiovascular screening: abdominal ultrasound, coronary artery calcium score and stress testing based on risk and symptoms.
  • Cancer screening: prostate, colon and lung as well as skin exam.
  • Osteoporosis Screening: should be considered in men over 70, men who lose height over time, or have a low-impact fracture. A fall risk assessment should be completed.

The American Urology Association has published a Men’s Health Checklist with a detailed description of recommended health screenings for men of all ages.

Mental Health
Mental health is an important determinant of overall health and quality of life at every age. Although men are more likely to suffer “deaths of despair” including alcoholism, overdose and suicide, they are far less likely than women to seek out mental health services. Undiagnosed and untreated mood disorders in young men are associated with impaired learning, risk-taking behaviors, use of substances and violence. Adult men with chronic diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disease have worse outcomes when they also suffer from depression, and depression is associated with decreased longevity in older men.

Men should be aware of the symptoms of depression and anxiety and know when it’s time to seek help.

Organizations such as HeadsUpGuys, the National Black Men’s Health Network, Don’t Change Much and the Movember Foundation provide useful tips for self-care and have online self-assessment tools to help men know when it’s time to speak with a healthcare professional. Opening up about mental health and normalizing a discussion around depression, anxiety and suicide risk is something that men can do for themselves and for each other.

During June, we encourage you to set goals for your health and wellness and create a roadmap for achieving those goals.

SOURCE: Men’s Health Center at The Miriam Hospital

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