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Kristen Howard Earns 10-Year Certificate of Completion from the Park Ranger Institute

Buncombe County Parks & Recreation would like to give a celebratory congratulations to Kristen Howard, a Lake Julian Park Ranger II, who recently received her 10-year certificate of completion from the rigorous training at the Park Ranger Institute (PRI).  

The Park Ranger Institute is a nationally recognized program that offers training on topics such as park management and conservation, outdoor recreation, and emergency response. The PRI stands at the forefront of a crucial mission: to enrich the knowledge and skills of those tasked with the stewardship of our parks. “Kristen’s commitment to the Parks and Recreation profession makes her a valuable part of our team,” says Allison Dains, Director of the Parks and Recreation Department. “We are proud of her desire to continue her education, which helps support continuous improvement for not only for her as an individual, but also for our department as a whole.” 

Kristen has been working for Buncombe County Parks & Recreation since 2022. She began her career in the parks and recreation industry over a decade ago in Greensboro, North Carolina. Each year, she has attended the Park Ranger Institute.  

“I am truly passionate about bringing fresh, valuable insights to my work,” says Kristen. “That’s what has fueled me to continue attending the Park Ranger Institute for the last ten years.” 

With over a decade of experience and PRI training, Kristen’s expertise allows her to quickly and efficiently handle various situations and helps to keep the park safe and enjoyable for everyone.   

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Updated Jun 13, 2024 01:48 PM
Published May 31, 2024 01:21 PM

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