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Buncombe Treatment Court Donations Help Women in Need

Judge Kepple stands with donations of trash bags

Helping to meet the needs of local women is a priority for the supporters of Buncombe County Sobriety Treatment Court. A recent donation drive helped to bring to light a specific need for ABCCM’s Transformation Village.

Did you know that contractor-sized trash bags are one of the most requested donation items for women in transitional housing? ABCCM’s Transformation Village serves local women and children by providing safe housing, vocational training, and rehabilitation services. Recently, they expressed a need for trash bags for their residents. The partners and staff of Buncombe County’s Sobriety Court proudly helped by donating several hundred contractor-sized trash bags.

“Through our work we aspire to create effective and responsible partnerships with community-based resource providers, while fostering accountability for participants by increasing treatment and supervision those who have been repeat impaired drivers,” notes Coordinator Tiffany Graaff. “We’re proud to support ABCCM as they work to transform lives.”

For more information about Buncombe County Sobriety Court please reach out to Tiffany Graaff at or call: 828-250-4463

If you or a woman you love needs housing services, please reach out to Transformation Village ABCCM Transformation Village | Asheville Transitional Housing Shannon Paris, Sr Volunteer Coordinator

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Updated Feb 23, 2024 02:27 PM
Published Feb 21, 2024 01:00 PM

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