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Voter Cards Coming Soon to Your Mailbox

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New North Carolina district maps may mean changes for some voters related to where they vote and what district they’re in. Buncombe County Election Services will be mailing new voter cards to all active voters in the County starting in mid-January. Those cards include:

  1. Name and Address of voter with mailing address
  2. Election Day Voting Location and Address
  3. Election Districts
  4. Political Party

If you do not receive a card, people are encouraged to look up their voter status to make sure address/registration information is current. Sample ballots are also available through this tool. You may update voter registration information such as address, and political party through Feb. 9. As a reminder, same-day voter registration is available during Early Voting.

For more answers to all your election-related questions in Buncombe County, visit our website at Did you know you can sign up for election reminders via mobile text or email notifications? It’s easy, just text “bcalert” to 99411 or visit, sign up for Buncombe Alerts, and choose election reminders.

Important dates

Jan. 1:  Absentee ballots can be requested for elections in 2024
Jan. 19:  Mailing of absentee ballots starts
Feb. 9:  Deadline for voter registration or party changes (same-day registration will be available during Early Voting)
Feb. 15-March 2:  Early Voting
March 5:  Primary Election


  • Voters will now be asked to present a valid photo identification when voting in person. If you do not have a valid photo ID card, you may obtain one from your county board of elections prior to the election, through the end of the early voting period. If you do not have a valid photo ID card on Election Day, you may still vote and have your vote counted by signing an affidavit of reasonable impediment (or "Photo ID Exception Form") as to why you have not presented a valid photo ID. The Exception Form can also be used if you have a religious objection to being photographed or are a victim of a recently declared natural disaster. Click here to learn more.
  • ExpressVote ballot marking machines were approved for use in 2023 and will be used at all Early Voting locations in 2024. Click here to watch a video.
  • Please note, the deadline to return completed domestic absentee ballots is now on Election Day, which is March 5. Previously there was a grace period.

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